Stay Cool and Shaded While Relaxing in the Yard

Wicker Lane UOA-102 10 Foot Offset Aluminum Patio Umbrella, GreenAs the weather heats up so does our desire to spend time relaxing outdoors but the beating down rays of the sun can cut that time short without having the relief of shade. The 10 Foot Offset Aluminum Patio Umbrella from Wicker Lane is the solution to this problem as it’s large, 10 foot canopy will provide ample shade on even the hottest of days. The offset design makes it perfect for providing shade to an area of a pool, group of lawn chairs or table up to 54 inches long. The fabric used in the sun-blocking canopy is 100% all weather and the green color is dyed into the fabric which gives it added fade resistance to protect from wear over time. The canopy rests upon 8 steel rib connectors with a powder coated finish and is opened and closed easily with a crank. The aluminum pole has a 48mm diameter and is powder coated with a neutral sand black finish. Wicker Lane recommends using concrete blocks to weigh down the base of this umbrella and a minimum weight of 200 lbs for windier areas.

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Wear All Your Important Files and Documents on your Shirt Sleeve

Want to combine or reduce the amount of things you need to carry around? Want to have a unique conversation piece? These elegant yet functional Ravi Ratan Gold 2GB USB Drive Cufflinks are ready to answer your concerns. Keep all of your music, images, documents, and more within arms reach. The full function 2GB USB drive is securely hidden in the design of a single cufflink. When you require your data, simply slide the drive out and plug it in. Make it even more special by customizing the cufflinks with an engraving; great as gifts! With these cufflinks on your wrists, you will never be without functional fashion again.
Ravi Ratan RR-409-GL Gold 2GB USB Drive Cufflinks
Ravi Ratan RR-409-GL Gold 2GB USB Drive Cufflinks



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Bring the Relaxing Environment of a Sauna to Your Home

Health Partner HP-N-1 Personal Infrared SaunaGoing to a sauna is a relaxing experience with many health benefits and now this experience can be brought home with the Personal Infrared Sauna from Health Partner. In a sauna the increased heat causes our bodies to perspire and it is in this process that we begin to reap the benefits of taking a sauna. While perspiring in a sauna the body is able to expunge itself of acid and waste-like residue toxins, sodium, nicotine, cholesterol, alcohol and potentially carcinogenic heavy metals such as zinc, lead nickel and more. The process also helps the body discharge old skin cells and waste from pores leaving the skin glowing and clean.
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Comprehensive X10 Testing Made Easy

ACT AT004 X10 Multi-Tester/Test TransceiverEnjoy complete flexibility when sending and receiving X10 test signals with the X10 Multi-Tester/Test Transceiver. This comprehensive troubleshooting X10 Transceiver allows you to choose transmit signal levels, single or continuous signal transmission, and decide zero crossing degree shift. The X10 Multi-Tester/Test Transceiver can also display or log the level or frame data on the power line on its easy-to-read LCD screen.

With the X10 Transceiver’s flexible features, you’ll be able to do things such as:

  • Generate test signals to verify proper receiver operation
  • Display signal strength on line from other transmitters and two-way receivers
  • Use to test potential installation sites for possible installation problems
  • Pinpoint loads to be filtered by logging power grid noise levels (user-defined time periods up to 24 hours).

Other features of the X10 Transceiver include:

  • Can log noise and frame data over a 24-hour period
  • Auto transmit mode for system testing
  • Adjustable transmit voltage in 33.3mv increments
  • Time/Date (24-hour format)
  • Selectable 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120° or 150° transmit pulse
  • Shows received X10 packets as one frame or two frames (can be used to determine whether signal is repeated or original)
  • Can be used as P1 Test Transmitter

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Surge Protector with a Swiveling Outlet Accommodates Larger Plugs

360 Electrical 36083 Compact Rotating Surge ProtectorSafeguard your home electronics, computers, appliances and telephones. The 360 Electrical 36083 Compact Rotating Surge Protector features a 360 degree rotating adapter that helps you fit larger plugs that normally wouldn’t fit in regular surge protectors. It’s easy to use – just plug it in and rotate! Its ultra compact size is ideal for using around the house, at the office and on the road. The protected indicator light lets you know for sure that your electronics are being protected.

  • One outlet, 360 degree rotating adapter helps you fit large plugs
  • Surge protection shields your electronics
  • Simple to use – just plug it in and rotate
  • Ultra-compact size ideal around the house, at the office and on the road
  • Protected indicator light

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