Extend Signals From Any of 8 HDMI Sources to Any of 8 Remote Displays over Cat5/Cat6 Cable

Vanco 280781 8x8 HDMI Matrix with IR and RS-232 Control

The Vanco 280781 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch offers unprecedented flexibility and convenience by extending High Definition (HD) Audio/Video (A/V) Signals from any of 8 HDMI sources to any of 8 remote displays over a single cat5 or cat6 cable (sold separately) to an HDMI Extender. (also sold separately). You can route your Blu-ray player, cable/satellite receiver, PS3 or Xbox 360 gaming system, etc. to any of 8 HDTV’s, projectors or monitors, whether the source is HDCP compliant or not. You can then choose several different ways to control the matrix; infrared (IR) remote control via an IR Receiver(s) (1 include, additional sold separately) connected to the HDMI extender(s) and IR Emitters (included) connected to the matrix to control the sources. You can also use, RS-232 or RS-485 control protocols (extender included), and Ethernet.

This 8×8 HDMI matrix switch offers solutions for digital entertainment centers, HDTV retail and show site installations, HDTV, STBV, VDV and projector applications, It specifically address installations with noise, space, security concerns, data center control, information and signage distribution, conference room presentations and school/corporate training environments. Read More

Connect your Digital Device with a Mini HDMI Output to an HDMI Equipped Display

Vanco 280172 HDMI Female to Mini HDMI Male Adapter


  • Converts a Type A HDMI Plug into a Type D Mini HDMI Plug
  • Supports High Definition Resolution 1080p
  • Gold Plated Connections for Optimal Signal Transfer

The Vanco 280172 HDMI Female to Mini HDMI Male Adapter is a simple and effective way to convert an HDMI cable to a Mini HDMI cable. This connection adapter is typically used for connections between your digital camera, camcorder or other digital device with a Mini HDMI connector, directly to your standard HDMI-enabled HDTV. You will enjoy stunning digital audio and HD video quality (up to 1080p) without any signal loss or degradation. The gold pated contacts enable the highest level signal transfer while enhancing corrosion resistance. With a compact size and rugged design, you can take this adapter anywhere. Read More

Prevent your Automatic Sprinkler System from Watering During a Storm

Orbit Irrigation 57069N Hard Wired Rain/Freeze SensorThe Orbit Hard Wired Rain/Freeze Sensor will provide conservation, convenience, and flexibility to your fully automatic watering system. Never again will you see your sprinklers running on a rainy day. After a set amount of rain has fallen and/or freezing temperatures exist, the sensor engages a switch that will prevent the timer from watering. The added freeze sensor will provide peace of mind when the temperature drops below 37°F (3°C) by interrupting your sprinklers and reduce the hazards of standing water freezing on your driveway, sidewalks, and patios. Once the rain sensor has dried sufficiently, the sensor allows normal sprinkler operation to resume.

Control your sprinkler system with this Orbit Rain-and-Freeze Sensor, which shuts the system off under rainy or freezing conditions. Customize the sensor with adjustable rain sensitivity control and automatic rain delay. This sensor helps prevent over-watering or dangerous, icy conditions due to sprinkler operation.
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Send an Analog Audio Signal over Long Distances Using a Single Cat5e or Cat6 Cable

Vanco 280535 RCA Analog Audio over Cat5e/Cat6 Cable Extender Balun Kit
Vanco 280535 RCA Analog Audio over Cat5e/Cat6 Cable Extender Balun Kit allows you to make a long range composite audio connection between two components. The input on the transmitter unit and the output on the receiver unit feature RCA R/L stereo connectors and a 3.5mm connector, allowing you some flexibiility with your connections. Simply add some cat5 or cat6 cable between the transmitter and receiver units and you can transfer your analog audio signal up to 600 meters. If you are installing a multi-room audio system that involves longer cable runs between rooms this is a simple solution, especially for homes with an existing Cat5 or cat6 networks in place, since you won’t have to install any new in-wall wire.
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The Tool You Need to Keep Your Sprinklers Running Like New

Orbit Irrigation 26073D 1/2 Inch Nipple Extractor with Handle

  • Removes 1/2 Inch Inch broken risers from fittings
  • High-quality durable construction
  • Rubberized grip for easy handling
  • Sharp teeth to bite in and securely remove stuck nipples
  • For outdoor use only

The Orbit Irrigation 1/2 Inch Nipple Extractor includes head for 1/2 Inch risers and a steel handle with a durable rubberized grip. Combat even the most stubbornly stuck nipples with this Plastic Nipple Extractor. Its plastic-coated extra-long solid-steel handle allows for a secure grip while its sharp teeth lock in to remove the nipple. The extractor nipples will accommodate most 1/2 inch risers. Read more

Electronic Touchpad Deadbolt Means No More Fumbling Around with Keys to Enter Your Home

Morning Industry HF-01AQ Touchpad Deadbolt Lock, Antique BrassTired of fumbling around with keys to lock and unlock your door? With a Touchpad Deadbolt Lock from Morning Industry no longer will you have to rely on door keys because access is granted simply by punching in a 2-8 digit code on the touchpad. The touchpad is even glow in the dark making it very convenient for use at night without the hassle of looking for the key-lock. Up to 6 access codes can be programmed into the touchpad allowing for various members of the family to have their own unique entrance code. Another benefit of having up to 6 codes is that special access ones can be assigned to grant access to neighbors, house guests, repairmen and more. Once assigned, codes can also be deleted from the touchpad memory to ensure those who do not need access on a regular basis will not have it. As an added security precaution the Touchpad Deadbolt Lock has a built-in alarm which will sound after 4 consecutive incorrect codes punched in. The lock will also make an audible sound when locked, unlocked and to alert when its batteries are low. To power the Touchpad Deadbolt Lock will require 4 AA batteries which are sold separately. In the event of a dead battery the deadbolt can still be opened in the traditional fashion as 2 keys to the lock are included with purchase. The Touchpad Deadbolt Lock will fit standard door preps and is adjustable to fit right and left handed doors. This deadbolt is a Residential Grade 3 door lock.

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