The Simple, Can-Do Digital-Analog Converter

Product Title (In box)

Ensure you have the Right Audio Connections for your Home Theater

If you’re an audiophile like me, then you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to connect this source to that output to further delve deeper into audio bliss. Today I present to you, my fellow audio fiend, the Vanco 280512 Digital-Analog Converter (DAC). This little guy (almost pocket sized) can connect a digital source via Optical or Digital COAX input to an Analog output. Simply put, if you have the need to convert a digital input over to an analog output, then the Vanco 280512 DAC will deliver the goods. It supports 32-96KHz and sends all the audio goodness in an electromagnetic noise free transmission to analog left and right channels. Simple yet effective. I couldn’t ask for more.

Read on for the essential info. Your ears will thank you:

If your home theater stereo receiver or amplifier only has composite RCA audio inputs, but your cable/satellite receiver, Blu-ray player or other component uses a more modern digital and optical audio output, this product is the solution. The Vanco 280512 Audio Converter allows you to connect a Coaxial Digital Audio Cable or Toslink Optical Audio Cable to the Input and connect an RCA Composite Audio Cable to the Output, so you can connect the audio of virtually any new component to your home theater system. Read More

  • Converts Coaxial or Toslink digital audio signals to analog L/R Audio
  • Supports sampling rate at 32, 44.1, 48, and 96 KHz
  • 24-bit S/PDIF incoming bit stream on left and right channels
  • Provides electromagnetic noise free transmission

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