Multi-Position Energy Star Grade Lamp with European Design

The striking European design of the Open Neck 8W LED Desk Lamp from Prism will fit flawlessly into any room or office while taking up minimal desk space. This Energy Star grade lamp uses only 8 watts of power which is far superior to that of similar incandescent and CFL desktop lamps. The next generation LED technology of this lamp means it will not heat up and run cool to the touch while also having a longer operating life than its CFL and incandescent light bulb counterparts. It features 3 levels of lighting output so that it can be dimmed or brightened to match the appropriate setting of use. This LED Desk Lamp can also be maneuvered to shine light at just about any angle needed. At the base this lamp can swivel 60° while its arm has a range of motion of 150° and neck has a range of motion of 170°.
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Stop Sink Basin Leaks From Becoming a Disaster!

Onsite Pro FS3/8CD Sink (Hot and Cold) FloodStop with 3/8 Inch Compression ValvesPrevent water damage from leaking sinks, basins, or any other items that use 3/8″ Compression fittings. This unit will detect a leak, sound an alarm, and automatically turn off the water supply to the offending appliance or pipe to prevent further damage. This unit can be easily installed in about 10 minutes.

Your sink may be a disaster waiting to happen unless you have protection. FloodStop protects your home 24 hours a day everyday. FloodStop automatically shuts off the water supply to the Sink, whether caused by a ruptured supply line, leaking garbage disposal or an overflow. Incorporate the Flood Stop into your INSTEON or X10 network – the control unit has two NC outputs and plugs with 6″ leads.


  • The FloodStop valves are connected directly to the angle stops and supply lines
  • Sensors are placed at the base of the fixture
  • Valves stay open until water loss is detected
  • Water on sensor closes FloodStop valves and sounds alarm
  • Valves stays closed until problem is attended to and system reset

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Keep Your Floors Free from Scattered Cat Litter

ScoopFree Anti-Tracking CarpetIf you already own or plan to purchase the ScoopFree Original, Ultra or Slide Litter Box, the ScoopFree Anti-Tracking Carpet is an essential accessory. The anti-tracking carpet, especially designed to match your ScoopFree Litter Box, is made of durable soft and spongy material. It’s stylish for you and comfortable for your cat. The carpet eliminates most litter tracking, especially when used with the ScoopFree Privacy Hood. Keep your cat’s paws and your floor free from the litter crystals that are typically scattered about after your cat leaves the litter box.
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Compact Multimeter Makes Reading Measurements in Tight Spaces a Breeze

Velleman DVM3218 Pen-Type Digital MultimeterVelleman DVM3218 Pen-Type Digital Multimeter is perfect for the field technician and DIY’r alike. Ease of use and pen-style design allows you to perform tests in closed in areas not easily accessible by a typical multimeter. A convenient LCD screen on the side offers clear indication of your readings.

DC voltage: 340mV/3.4V/34V/340V/600V

  • Basic accuracy: ± 0.8% for 340mV range / ± 1.0% for 3.4V~340V range / ± 1.2% for 600V range
  • Input impedance: 10Mohm
  • Maximum input: 1000Vdc

AC voltage: 3.4V/34V/340V/600V

  • Basic accuracy: ± 1.2% for 3.4V~340V range / ± 1.5% for 600V range
  • Input impedance: 10Mohm <100pF
  • Frequency range: 40-400Hz
  • Maximum input: 1000V

DC current: 34mA/340mA

  • Basic accuracy: ±1.5%
  • Overload protection: 0.4A / 250V fuse

AC current: 34mA/340mA

  • Basic accuracy: ± 1.8% for 34mA range / ± 2.0% for 340mA range
  • Overload protection: 400mA/250V fuse

Resistance: 340/3.4K/34K/340K/3.4M/34M

  • Basic accuracy: ±0.8% for 340 Ohm range / ±1.2% for 3.4K~340K range / ±2.0% for 3.4M range / ± 3.0% for 34M range
  • Overload protection: 500V

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Flexible Lamp Shines Light in Any Direction with Minimal Power Consumption

The Flexible LED Desk Lamp with Mood Light from Prism is an ultra-versatile and energy efficient lamp. The LED lamp has a bendable neck which will allow for it to be adjusted and pointed where ever light is desired allowing for it to be used as a traditional desk lamp as well as a spot light. Turning the lamp on and off is done with a simple touch of the finger at the base of the lamp which will also cycle through turning on and off the mood/night light. The mood light is at the base of the lamp’s bendable neck and when on will provide a soft ambient glow which also makes it an ideal night light. Another beneficial feature of the Flexible LED Desk Lamp is that it comes with a USB port. The addition of this allows for the plugging in and charging of products that can be charged via a USB cord (sold separately) such as a Smartphone or camera. Along with the flexibility this light offers, owners will also benefit from lower energy consumption than that of traditional CFL and incandescent bulb lamps. The Prism Flexible LED Desk Lamp will only consume 9 watts of energy due to being powered by long lasting energy efficient LED bulbs.
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