Fascinating Insight into the Daily Routines and Habits of the Amazing Ant

Wild! Science WS1023 Eco Science Ant Mine



With the Eco Science Ant Mine from Wild! Science children will enjoy non-stop excitement as they help to unearth the many incredible secrets of the ant. Thought of as the world’s smallest engineers on-lookers will have an inside peak at the amazing feats of strength and coordinated efforts of ants in their daily routines. When in your house by choice ants will serve as a great pet because they are clean, cost very little to feed and are kept securely in their Ant Mine home. Ants are not included with the purchase of the Ant Mine however, upon setup of the Ant Mine structure regular garden ants from the yard will work perfectly. This product is designed for use by children ages 6 and older and should be done so under adult supervision. The Eco Science Ant Mine can be combined with other Eco Science kits to form your very own eco system.   Read More

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