A Simple, Inexpensive Way to Protect Your Home from Burgulars

Smarthome DM880 Dummy TV Burglar Deterrent



Thieves are often looking for an easy target and seek out unoccupied homes or businesses. Keep burglars and vandals away at night with the effective and affordable Smarthome Dummy TV Burglar Deterrent. Despite its name, it is actually quite clever. The built-in computer chip has advanced algorithms that use the LED lights to emulate real television lighting scenarios. From the outside, the unit makes it appear as if you are inside watching your favorite television program. The unit will randomly flicker, fade, swell, flash, and create the illusion of usual television movements.

Thanks to the energy efficient, long lasting, and super-bright multi-colored LED lighting, this unit simulates the light output of a regular 27 inch television but only uses a fraction of the power. Contributing to its energy efficiency are the built-in light sensor and digital timer. The unit will only turn on when the room is dark (at 0.5 lux) and in the preset specified time interval. Because this unit is palm sized, it can be concealed and placed in the optimum location. Give criminals a reason to leave your residence or business alone with the Smarthome Dummy TV Burglar Deterrent.   Read More

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