Extend Audio/Video Sources up to 300 Feet at 1080p and Control up to 38 Devices

Video Storm CMX3838A2 38x38 Matrix Switch with Full DSP AudioThe CMX3838A2 Matrix switch with full DSP audio is a full featured video and audio matrix switch. It is most commonly used to independently distribute video and audio to several different viewing areas from a set of common sources. CMX3838A2 provides 38 audio output zones from 38 audio common sources. This switcher removes the need of installing multiple cable boxes throughout your home to watch high- quality video. Engineered to be used in a whole house audio/video solution, this 38 x 38 amplified component Matrix Switcher allows runs of up to 300 feet. Connections to and from the Matrix Switcher require the use of a RCA Component Video and Audio cable, Digital Coax cable, or Optical Digital Audio cable, sold separately,

The CMX3838A2 has an Ethernet port/RS-232 and can be fully controlled using a standard web browser. This allows you to use any networked PC, or even your Smartphone, to control this matrix switch. This unit also supports firmware updates. By keeping your matrix up to date with the latest firmware, this will add the capability to control products released at future dates.

The CMX3838A2 contains ZeroKey Technology which clones the IR code so that any control key on virtually any remote can control the matrix switch. This technology does not interfere with the normal operation of the remote. The best way to use this technology is to program the CMX3838A2 with the same keys you normally push to switch your AV receiver or TV. The CMX3838A2 will switch at the same time as your TV or receiver without the need for complicated macros or pushing extra buttons. ZeroKey programming is stored in flash memory and you will not need to reprogram even if you lose power. If you buy a new remote to operate your home entertainment center, the CMX3838A2 can be reprogrammed as much as you like. Read more

Let Your Children Learn to Grow and Eat Their Own Food

Wild! Science WS1032 Eco Science Future FarmLet children learn about the wonders of hydroponics with the Eco Science Future Farm from Wild! Science. The method of growing plants using mineral water without soil is referred to as hydroponics and this kit comes with everything needed to get you started growing your own plants. This “no dirt” garden is large enough to fit two separate experimental gardens allowing young scientists the ability to grow their own sandwich toppings. With the Future Farm children will grow their creativity using real lab equipment to invent liquid nutrients and become masters of PH indicator papers and buffer chemicals. The Eco Science Future Farm can even be combined with other Eco Science kits to form your very own eco system.

Seeds are not included however, Wild! Science recommends trying these seeds for starters:

  • Cress
  • Alfalfa
  • Mung beans
  • Wheat
  • Fenugreek
  • Adzuki beans
  • Radish
  • Rocket (arugula)
  • Mustard (great for ants too)

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A Padded Ball of Fun for Your Young One!

Children's Factory CF610-007 35 Inch Round Bean Bag Chair, Red




  • Available in 5 different colors to suite your child’s personal style
  • Durable enough for hours of safe playtime
  • Encourages quiet time for reading and imagination
  • Flexible shape makes it both comfortable and easy to store
  • The vinyl outside is easy to clean


The Children’s Factory CF610-007 Round Bean Bag Chair in a rich red color is the perfect accompaniment to any child’s play- or bedroom. The soft, pliable shape allows for hours of comfortable cushioning during play or story time. The sturdy vinyl covering is perfect for gentle rough-housing, fort building, and anything else that your child’s creativity desires. With this Children’s Factory Round Bean Bag Chair, you will be encouraging the necessary and inquisitive skills in your child’s development. And no matter where your child’s imagination may take them, clean up is a no-brainer with the vinyl casing. Specially designed for children aged 2 and up, this playful and bean-ful chair meets all CPSIA and ASTM safety standards. Read More

Fascinating Insight into the Daily Routines and Habits of the Amazing Ant

Wild! Science WS1023 Eco Science Ant Mine



With the Eco Science Ant Mine from Wild! Science children will enjoy non-stop excitement as they help to unearth the many incredible secrets of the ant. Thought of as the world’s smallest engineers on-lookers will have an inside peak at the amazing feats of strength and coordinated efforts of ants in their daily routines. When in your house by choice ants will serve as a great pet because they are clean, cost very little to feed and are kept securely in their Ant Mine home. Ants are not included with the purchase of the Ant Mine however, upon setup of the Ant Mine structure regular garden ants from the yard will work perfectly. This product is designed for use by children ages 6 and older and should be done so under adult supervision. The Eco Science Ant Mine can be combined with other Eco Science kits to form your very own eco system.   Read More

A Simple, Inexpensive Way to Protect Your Home from Burgulars

Smarthome DM880 Dummy TV Burglar Deterrent



Thieves are often looking for an easy target and seek out unoccupied homes or businesses. Keep burglars and vandals away at night with the effective and affordable Smarthome Dummy TV Burglar Deterrent. Despite its name, it is actually quite clever. The built-in computer chip has advanced algorithms that use the LED lights to emulate real television lighting scenarios. From the outside, the unit makes it appear as if you are inside watching your favorite television program. The unit will randomly flicker, fade, swell, flash, and create the illusion of usual television movements.

Thanks to the energy efficient, long lasting, and super-bright multi-colored LED lighting, this unit simulates the light output of a regular 27 inch television but only uses a fraction of the power. Contributing to its energy efficiency are the built-in light sensor and digital timer. The unit will only turn on when the room is dark (at 0.5 lux) and in the preset specified time interval. Because this unit is palm sized, it can be concealed and placed in the optimum location. Give criminals a reason to leave your residence or business alone with the Smarthome Dummy TV Burglar Deterrent.   Read More

Slim Warm White LED Lamp with Turn-Style Dimming Knob

The Dimmable LED Desk Lamp from Prism is an ideal desk and tabletop companion with its quick dimming ability and space saving design. With a simple twist of the knob at the head of this lamp users can easily dim or brighten the warm white light to always provide the perfect brightness for the setting. The arm of the lamp can pivot vertically in a 135° range while the head can rotate circularly to shine where you need it most. Its slim and classic design allows it to fit seamlessly into any room while taking up minimal space where ever used. This desk lamp is also energy efficient using only 10 watts and will be long lasting as well since it uses next generation LED technology. Read More