Ultra Wide Bandwidth Matrix Switch Controls and Distributes A/V from Eight Different Sources

Video Storm CMX88 Ultra Wide Bandwidth HDTV 8x8 Matrix



The CMX88 Ultra Wide Bandwidth Matrix switch is a full featured audio/video matrix switch. It is most commonly used to independently distribute video and audio to several different viewing areas from a set of common sources. The CMX88 provides 8 audio/video output zones from 8 audio/video common sources. This switcher removes the need of installing multiple cable boxes throughout your home to watch high- quality video. Engineered to be used in a whole house audio/video solution, this 8 x 8 amplified component Matrix Switcher allows runs of up to 300 feet.

he CMX88 has an Ethernet port/RS-232 and can be fully controlled using a standard web browser. This allows you to use any networked PC, or even your Smartphone, to control this matrix switch. This unit also supports firmware updates. By keeping your matrix up to date with the latest firmware, this will add the capability to control products released at future dates.

The CMX88 contains ZeroKey Technology which clones the IR code so that any control key on virtually any remote can control the matrix switch. This technology does not interfere with the normal operation of the remote. The best way to use this technology is to program the CMX88 with the same keys you normally push to switch your AV receiver or TV. The CMX88 will switch at the same time as your TV or receiver without the need for complicated macros or pushing extra buttons. ZeroKey programming is stored in flash memory and you will not need to reprogram even if you lose power. If you buy a new remote to operate your home entertainment center, the CMX88 can be reprogrammed as much as you like.   Read More

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