Easy to Use Tool for Making Soldered Connections

Velleman VTSS5U Adjustable Temperature Soldering Station, 50 WattThe Velleman 50 Watt Soldering StationBasic Temperature Controlled Soldering Station is perfect for the Hobbyist and is used for installation, repairs, and limited production work*. This temperature-controlled soldering station consists of an electrical power supply and a soldering iron, and is most commonly used for soldering electronic components and PCBs. This particular soldering station is to be used only for soldering/desoldering electric and electronic components in printed circuit boards and modules, for tinning PCB tracks and cable ends and for repairing cable connections. It supplies heat to melt solder so that the solder can flow into the joint between, and connect, two work pieces. Low-grade soldering irons offer less than 20 Watts of power and mid-grade 20-30 Watts – this iron offers 50 Watts – so you’ll get a longer-lasting tool that will work for a much wider variety of applications and you’ll get proper heat control.
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