Brew Hard Cider Right From Your Own Home

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Brew Hard Cider Right From Your Own Home

Hey bro…come close…I need to ask you something. Do you like cider? Well, how about some hard cider? How about some home brewed hard cider!? Put science to use with Archer’s Orchard Hard Cider Brewing Kit from Mr. Beer. If you’ve got yourself 7 to 14 days of patience, well then my friend you’ve got yourself some home brewed Apple Cider. This adult science project will deliver the goods in the form of a tasty beverage. I bet you can just almost taste the gratification of your hard earned work, so get to it and embrace your new calling Professor Home-Brewer-Guy.

Read on for the goods:

Home brewing is a fun, exciting and rewarding hobby. Nothing is more satisfying than cracking open the fridge and reaching in to grab a bottle of your own fresh brewed hard apple cider. There is just something special about sharing and drinking something that you created. The first time you brew you will experience a sense of accomplishment and pride that is hard to beat.

The Archer’s Orchard cider brew kit makes great-tasting cider and is completely reusable and incredibly user-friendly. The fermenter is made from FDA compliant plastic which is lightweight, shatter resistant and imparts no taste or flavor migration. The included recipe is a flavorful, light hard cider that is great for any occasion. Made from fermented apple juice, it has a bold and refreshing taste that is easy to drink and is lighter than beer.


  • Brew your own Apple Cider in as little as 7 to 14 days
  • Completely reusable and user-friendly
  • Lightweight FDA compliant plastic fermenter imparts no taste or flavor migration
  • Naturally ferments in the included fermenting keg
  • Specially designed to carbonate naturally in the included bottles

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Hidden Camera in Plain Sight to Keep an Eye on Kids and Babysitters

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  • A hidden camera disguised as an adorable stuffed animal
  • Can start recording when it detects motion
  • 72 degree viewing angle with 1280 x 960 @ 30FPS resolution
  • Works with micro SD cards up to 16GB
  • Includes a remote control

This may look like an ordinary child’s plaything but this plush dog gives you a way to monitor your children when you aren’t there. You can ensure your child stays out of trouble or even keep an eye on the babysitter after the children are put to bed. It looks and feels just like a stuffed animal that can talk and sing to your children so no one will ever suspect it holds a camera, even if they were to pick it up. High resolution video is stored within the unit’s 16GB internal memory. A wide viewing angle of 72 degrees lets you see most of what is going on in the room. Set the camera to record normal video or begin recording when it detects motion. The camera’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last up to 10 hours on a full charge for plenty of hours of surveillance. A remote control is also included for easier control of your camera. Signals are not transmitted, so you can be sure no one is stealing your signal or tapping into your footage. Place the stuffed animal in any room you want monitored and none will be the wiser. Read More

Extremely Portable, Expandable Bluetooth Speaker is Ideal for Music On-The-Go

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  • Easy Bluetooth pairing
  • Collapsable for added portablity
  • 6 hours of playtime with easy charging Lithium Ion battery
  • Multifunctional three buttons allow Power On/Off, Play/Pause, and Next track
  • Compatible with numerous smartphones, tablets and MP3 players

Satechi BT is a super-stylish Bluetooth stereo speaker that combines exceptional audio performance and a cutting edge portable design. With its Bluetooth version 2.0, it connects simply and seamlessly to your smartphone, tablet, notebook, or any other bluetooth enabled device and with its built-in DSP microphone you are able to accept and speak with callers. With a long lasting lithium-ion rechargeable battery built in to the unit, the speaker will give you approximately 6 hours of playback. To charge, simply plug the included USB cable and connect to any USB charger or USB port on your computer.

Being wireless means it’s as portable as your phone. The strikingly attractive, compact and expandable design fits snugly into a provided carry pouch between uses. With its built in 3.5mm audio jack, you are able to plug in almost anything to enjoy the dynamic sound. Armed with the Satechi signature Bass Expansion System, the nifty speakers extend to amplify dynamic audio range without compromising on acoustic integrity. Read More