Dome Mirror is Fun to Look at From All Angles

Children's Factory CF332-529 Convex Dome Mirror




  • Large 18 inch dome in the middle of the mirror
  • Unique reflections will stimulate a child’s mind
  • Mirror edges are laser cut to be smooth and safe
  • Helps develop curiosity and self awareness in child
  • Made in the USA


Entertaining a child can be a tough task but Children’s Factory is here to help not only capture but keep a child’s attention with their 18″ Convex Dome Mirror. It features a large mirrored dome in the middle of the actual mirror which is designed to create all types of reflections when viewing. The 18″ convex bubble makes it so every viewing angle will provide a unique reflection of the room and occupy the interest of a young child as they see the world around them in a different way. This mirror is designed to aide in the development of a child’s sense of curiosity and creativity while at the same time help them to build self awareness. This mirror is made of acrylic and all of the mirrors edges are laser cut leaving them smooth and safe to touch. Read More

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