Dual-Technology IP Camera for use with Visonic PowerLink Systems

Visonic Cam3100 Wireless Network Camera



Leaving your home or business unattended is simply a fact of life. Those of us who work frequently leave our houses alone daily, while going on vacation for weeks on-end leaves your home vulnerable for an extended period of time. Moreover, owning your business can be time consuming and you may not be present at all times. For these reasons a remote surveillance camera system can be instrumental to ensuring that your properties remain secure

Made specifically for use with the Visonic PowerLink application as part of a fully wireless home security and control system, Visonic’s Cam3100 is a smart and sophisticated IP camera with both a built-in WiFi wireless connectivity AND a 10/100 Ethernet cable connection, leaving your networking preferences entirely up to you – whether this unit is wireless or wired, it will provide topnotch superior performance while utilizing a user-friendly and convenient interface.

The lens is equipped with a high-quality 320×240 resolution, making sure nothing in the vicinity will go unnoticed. And don’t think that anyone sneaking around at night will get away with it either, as this small but capable unit also features night vision Infrared LED lights that will make sure any footage captured in low-light will appear almost as crisp as anything shot in the daytime.

Convenience takes an additional turn with an IP camera like this as well, since having its own IP address allows the unit to not only record crisp, real-time streaming video in MPEG-4 format, but its live feed and images can be viewed from any device capable of accessing the internet! That means you can use any internet browser from any internet ready computer or 3G cellular phone to monitor your home or business and make sure everything remains safe and secure.  Read More

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