Hands-off Convenience and Unbeatable Odor Control for Weeks at a Time

ScoopFree Premium Free Crystal Replacement Litter Tray Refill (Each)



  • Free of perfumes and dyes
  • Tray is made of recycled paper with no bleach added and is safe to throw away
  • Super absorbent litter
  • Covered waste compartment
  • Plastic lining creates a powerful barrier to help protect against leakage


If you already own or plan to purchase the ScoopFree Original, Ultra or Slide Litter Box, the ScoopFree Premium Free Crystal Replacement Litter Tray Refill is an essential accessory. The crystal litter provides superior odor control and the tray includes a covered waste compartment that locks in odors, so you can leave the tray alone for weeks at a time. It is completely disposable for hands-off convenience, so you don’t have to touch or smell messy waste. After a few weeks, simply toss the tray in the provided disposal bag and replace with a new one.

ScoopFree ‘Free’ is a new disposable litter tray made from recycled materials and comes pre-filled with premium crystal litter free of perfumes and dyes. Free trays don’t have a lid so they can nest, making them easier to stack and store in small spaces. Each tray includes a garbage bag for easy disposal.

Tip: ScoopFree litter trays can also be used as standalone disposable litter boxes. When used this way, either scoop the waste under the waste trap flap or remove entirely as often as needed. Mixing the litter daily is also recommended. When the tray is ready to be disposed, simply place it in the provided disposal bag and toss it in the trash.  Read More

A Unique Tabletop Fountain Bowl Designed to Add a Bit of Elegance to Any Room

Product Title (In box)

  • A fun addition to any room
  • Spiraling center tornado is a great conversation starter
  • Includes everything needed for operation
  • Quiet running low voltage pump
  • LED lights create vibrant glow

Add a bit of fun and elegance to the décor of any room or office with the Triton Tornado Fountain from Fascinations. With this water fountain you can be sure the hypnotic spiraling water tornado in the middle of the fountain will draw the attention of guests. It fits perfectly on a tabletop or desk and is powered by a 12 VAC low voltage pump which is also runs quietly. When turned on, the fountains accent LED lights will provide a soft glow on the glass container and water tornado. The Triton Tornado Fountain comes with everything needed for setup and operation.
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The following Tornado Fountains are also available from Fascinations, each sold separately:


Captivating Antique Copper Waterfall Great for both Indoor and Outdoor Use

Copper Falls VIWT8 Water Trellis 6 Foot Fountain

  • 6 feet tall
  • Trellis designed frame for climbing plants
  • Green mirror center panel with antique copper frame
  • Functional art and relaxation aid
  • Quick installation time

The soothing tranquil sounds of the Copper Falls Water Trellis 6 Foot Fountain from Bluworld HOMelements will help to make any setting one of low stress. The peaceful sound of water will trickle down its green tempered mirror which is surrounded by an antique copper frame with intricate trellis design. The Trellis designed frame is ideal for climbing plants to wrap around which can be planted near the basin at the bottom if desired. Along with functioning like a traditional fountain the Water Trellis will also serve as functional art creating conversation and accenting any room, office or garden it’s in. The Copper Falls Water Trellis Fountain is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Perfect Blend of Value and High-Performance Sound in a Wide Variety of Applications

Niles Audio CM8PR 8-In 2-Way LCR In-Ceiling/In-Wall Performance Speaker with Pivoting Tweeter (Each)

About Niles Audio CM Series Loudspeakers
Niles Audio CM Series (Ceiling Mount) Loudspeakers deliver an uncompromising combination of designer oriented aesthetics, superb sound performance, and ease of installation. Small footprint and low profile design provide the
look that today’s homeowners desire. Available in 7-inch and 8inch versions, there are various left/center/right (LCR) channel speakers, surround effects speakers, and stereo input dual voice coil speaker models to satisfy applications ranging from advanced home theaters to distributed audio systems.

Choosing the Right Speaker for Your Application
Niles Audio CM Loudspeakers are designed to be installed in any standard ceiling. When choosing a location, thought should be given to the sound coverage of the loudspeaker, and ease of running the speaker wire. Niles Audio manufactures a large variety of speaker models for many different applications, with special models for shallow depth ceilings, models with Rear Wave Enclosures to minimize any sound bleeding through to adjacent rooms, etc.

Niles Audio Performance audio loudspeakers are optimal for primary and secondary listening rooms and home theater applications. Whether you are listening to background talk radio or a complete orchestra, Niles CM series speakers deliver optimal performance and reliability.

Precision tuned and voiced fixed woofer ceiling-mount loudspeakers provide graduated performance for all types of applications. Integrated woofer/baffle design delivers greater low frequency response by employing a larger 8-inch woofer where competitive models of the same outer size employ only 6 1/2-inch woofers in the same size speaker installation. The glass fiber cone is is extremely rigid to reduce breakup, lower distortion and provide enhanced bass response; it also features a butyl rubber surround that damps resonance and provides exceptional durability. A 1-inch fluid-cooled Teteron dome tweeter offers enhanced dispersion and silkysmooth high frequency response. There is also a proprietary bridge-mounted tweeter-adjustment mechanism focuses the high frequency sound in any direction up to 20° without diffraction. Three patent-pending spring tensioned mounting clamps permit quick installation and compensate for uneven mounting surfaces and varied environmental conditions. Weather-resistant construction and a MicroThin magnetically attached rust-resistant grille enables installation in moist areas, such as bathrooms or outdoors under eaves.  Read More

Dual-Technology IP Camera for use with Visonic PowerLink Systems

Visonic Cam3100 Wireless Network Camera



Leaving your home or business unattended is simply a fact of life. Those of us who work frequently leave our houses alone daily, while going on vacation for weeks on-end leaves your home vulnerable for an extended period of time. Moreover, owning your business can be time consuming and you may not be present at all times. For these reasons a remote surveillance camera system can be instrumental to ensuring that your properties remain secure

Made specifically for use with the Visonic PowerLink application as part of a fully wireless home security and control system, Visonic’s Cam3100 is a smart and sophisticated IP camera with both a built-in WiFi wireless connectivity AND a 10/100 Ethernet cable connection, leaving your networking preferences entirely up to you – whether this unit is wireless or wired, it will provide topnotch superior performance while utilizing a user-friendly and convenient interface.

The lens is equipped with a high-quality 320×240 resolution, making sure nothing in the vicinity will go unnoticed. And don’t think that anyone sneaking around at night will get away with it either, as this small but capable unit also features night vision Infrared LED lights that will make sure any footage captured in low-light will appear almost as crisp as anything shot in the daytime.

Convenience takes an additional turn with an IP camera like this as well, since having its own IP address allows the unit to not only record crisp, real-time streaming video in MPEG-4 format, but its live feed and images can be viewed from any device capable of accessing the internet! That means you can use any internet browser from any internet ready computer or 3G cellular phone to monitor your home or business and make sure everything remains safe and secure.  Read More

Control the Brightness of your Under Cabinet Lighting

Memowell Light DM14 Under Cabinet Light Dimmer Switch

  • Dimmer for flat and angled under cabinet LED lights
  • Dims the under cabinet lights to create the perfect mood lighting
  • Controls on/off for all connected lights

The Memowell Light DM14 Dimmer Switch is the perfect controller for setting the correct brightness for you under cabinet lighting. Create unique mood lighting for entertainment or adjust the brightness under the cabinets for added light. The easy to install switch is small in size and can be mounted in a hidden location. This dimmer switch is compatible with all Memowell flat and angled under cabinet LED light fixtures. Read More