250-Watt Outdoor Subwoofer is Hidden in a Natural-Looking Tree Stump

Tree Stump Subwoofer 250W

  • Weatherproof outdoor subwoofer simulates natural-looking tree stump to blend with landscape
  • 250-watt subwoofer boosts bass outdoors
  • Stereo and left/right tree stump speakers available and sold separately

Outdoor speakers are nice for patio entertainment, but they rarely blend with your décor. The 250-watt Tree Stump Subwoofer is a weatherproof subwoofer that boosts the bass outdoors. This subwoofer simulates a real tree stump, so you won’t need to disrupt the natural landscape in order to enjoy quality sound outside. Speaker wire is sold separately. Read More

Your Tangle-Free Solution to Tangled Lights

Untangle your holidays in seconds with the Holiday Light Saver Kit. This kit encases holiday lights – even those pesky icicle lights – in a plastic sleeve that prevents them from tangling with other strands and saves storage space. Convenient and easy to use, this kit is built to last, and includes reusable bags that can be used year after year. Whether you are taking your lights down or putting them up, they will be ready to store or ready to hang in seconds!

The Holiday Light Saver is a revolutionary product that simply and affordably offers users the ability to store their holiday lights tangle-free. This device also protects lights from shorts, and other damage that occurs when tangled. The Holiday Light Saver Kit can even be used for garland and rope lights; it is also ideal for family events where extra lighting decoration is needed.

Put your lights away faster with 2 additional pre-loaded cartridges for your Holiday Light Saver and two 90 foot rolls of additional plastic bagging with the Holiday Light Saver Kit Bag Pack. Or, if you don’t need the pre-loaded cartridges, Holiday Light Saver Kit Extra Bags (one 90 Foot Roll) are also available individually. The Bag Pack and Extra Bags are solds separately. Read More

Kill Bacteria, Germs and Dust Mites that Lurk in your Bed and Linens

Raycop BK-200CW Anti-Allergy, Anti-Bacteria UVC Sanitizing Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, White




  • 2-stage HEPA filtration system helps to kill bacteria and eradicate bed dust mites
  • Effective against H1N1 Flu virus, EColi, staphylococcus and candida
  • Replaceable Micro Allergy Filter
  • Ergonomic design
  • Vacuum cyclone strengthens allergen collection
  • Works on most household fabric surfaces


The Raycop BK-200CW Anti-Allergy, Anti-Bacteria UVC Sanitizing Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal solution for asthma or allergy sufferers, or for those simply wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. The UV anti-allergy heavy duty vacuum cleaner features a 2-stage HEPA filtration system. It is effective in killing 99.97% of remnants as small as 0.3m and eliminates 99.9% of the H1N1 Flu virus, 9.9% of EColi, staphylococcus and candida and 93.5% of dust mites. It is specially designed to clean beds, linens and other fabrics, helping to create a healthier home. It Works on most household fabric surfaces, including mattresses, bedding, pillows, sofas, chairs, futons, crib pads and curtains. Read More

Submersible Trigger X10 Devices to Turn On and Off Based on Water Temperature

Minotaur Engineering XWVT X10 Water Variable Temperature Sensor/Controller




  • Trigger X10 devices based on temperature
  • Designed to be submerged in water up to 5 feet
  • Sensor connects to an X10 Powerflash Interface (sold separately)
  • Set a specific temperature to activate X10 controlled devices


The X10 Variable Temperature Sensor provides a way to sense temperatures and trigger X10 devices based on user settings. It interfaces to a standard X10 Powerflash Interface, sold separately, and supports a temperature range from approximately 25° F – 106° F.

The sensor is completely self contained and uses a sealed solid state transducer preset at the factory. The sensor should be placed in a location that will protect it from being frozen in ice and from direct sun, as well as no deeper than 5′ in water (to accurately reflect the ambient temperature). The control unit (with the temperature adjust potentiometer) must be protected from the elements. Depending on your application, the user selection of leads determines turning on or off devices based on whether the temperature is hotter than the set value or cooler than the set value. The user selects two leads (based on the table included), sets the approximate temperature using a small screwdriver, connects the sensor to the Powerflash terminals, plugs in the wall transformer, and places the sensor in the appropriate location. Read More