Easily Adheres to Flat, Smooth Surfaces to Provide an Ergonomic Feeding Experience for Your Pet



This feeding bowl system delivers a more effective way to feed your pet than standard dog bowls. A heavy-duty mount allows you to attach the bowl to a variety of smooth surfaces. Strong adhesive on the back of the mounting unit makes installation a breeze. The mounting unit can also be screwed in for extra support. You can customize the height of the bowl to best fit your pet. Keeping their food and water bowl elevated makes dining more comfortable for them by relieving stress on their hips, shoulders, wrists, and forearms they would normally experience when they reach down to their ground to eat. Because your pet won’t have to bend down to eat, they will be less likely to spill their food, so you will have less of a mess to clean up. And by raising the bowl off the ground, you can help prevent bugs and other critters from finding their way into your pet’s meal.

Once the mounting unit is installed, the bowl can be inserted and removed from the mount with ease. The bowl slides right into the mount and stays put until you release it with the quick release latch. Even if your pet were to paw and play with the bowl, it will stay secure in the mount until you release it. Pop the bowl into the dishwasher for no-hassle cleaning. The system is constructed from extra durable stainless steel and anodized aluminum, making it resistant to humidity, UV exposure, water, numerous chemicals, and extreme temperatures. This long-lasting system is sure to make mealtime more comfortable, hygienic, and convenient for years to come. Read More

Say “Bye Bye” to Back Pain!

Massaging Memory Foam Back Cushion




This massaging memory foam back cushion provides massaging comfort and support. It’s specifically designed to support the “S” curve of your spine and has a quiet, built-in massager that soothes aching, tired muscles. Constructed of form-fitting memory foam, with a high/low button to control vibration level. Great for home, work and travel.  Read More



Hands-On Research:
I not only have a desk job, but commute for over an hour each way in parking-lot Orange County traffic. The combination of sedentary body and tense mind is not conducive to a pleasant demeanor. I bring this massaging back pillow with me from desk to car, and now I find myself hoping for bad traffic.

Memory Foam
Created by NASA, Memory Foam is a revolutionary visco-elastic foam that is made up of cells that open and close and adjust to body weight and temperature. No other material has the custom shaping that you get from memory foam. In addition, memory foam is temperature sensitive: harder (more viscous), in lower temperatures and softer and bouncier (more elastic) in higher temps. Memory foam is also known as visco-elastic foam.

Bring Comfort With You
This massaging pillow provides soothing comfort massaging action “anywhere you are”. Relax at home, in the office, at your computer, commuting to work, traveling – think road trips and flying.