Recreate a beautiful and natural coral reef anywhere you desire

JBJ MT-601-LED 28 Gallon Nano Cube LED Aquarium ProfessionalThis setup utilizes an astonishing 89 watts of high intensity LEDs, Customizable 3-Stage filtration system, and two programmable circulation pumps. These LEDs are capable of meeting the lighting demands of medium to hard coral without the much dreaded heat. There are also separate cords for the LED lighting that can be set on timers to help emulate the natural daylight cycle. Coupled with the two included pumps, the Ocean Pulse Duo is able to accurately recreate the turbulent currents to mimic the natural reef environment. The filter is customizable to accommodate chemical or refugium styles of filtration. This complete setup puts you in control of your reef.

Professional Lighting – Minus the Heat
The LED lighting delivers the power of halides and the broad coverage of T5 lighting with over 10 times the lifespan. These high intensity LEDs lighting offers the ability to dramatically increase PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation), which designates the spectral range from 400-700 nanometers for the growth of photosynthetic organisms while lowering energy input. This means better coral health & growth, at the same time requiring less energy. The LEDs run cool, are eco-friendly, and offer a beautiful shimmer effect.

Innovative Heat Management
The flame retardant ABS plastic canopy is efficiently designed to draw heat out of the aquarium. It employs heat sinks which draws the heat generated from the LEDs and then dissipated by the four automatic fans. These fans automatically turn on/off with the main lighting system. There is also a failsafe thermal protector to automatically shut off the lighting in the event that the fans fail; automatically turning back on once the temperature reaches safe conditions.

Customizable Filtration
There are combinations of options for filtration. Included is a 3-Stage Filter Media Basket, which has preinstalled mechanical sponge, chemically activated carbon, and biological ceramic rings. These filter medias can be swapped out to fit your needs. With the newly redesigned filter basket that is now transparent it is easy to convert the filter into a refugium. Keep the carbon and mechanical sponge in chamber three and simply add macro algae into the other two chambers.

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