LED Color Changes with the Water Temperature

The Memowell Magic Showerhead Handheld Black Showerhead with temperature indication allows individuals to see that the water is at a safe temperature before entering the stream. How often have you burned yourself just by checking to see if the bath or shower water is hot yet? Thanks to Magic Showerhead, getting burned is history – the color will safely tell you if the water is cold, warm, warmer or hot. This protects yourself, your kids and elderly people from serious third-degree burns from scalding water. With the MagicFlow Technology the water consumption does not exceed 2.5 Gallon/min at 80psi.

The LED will change to the following colors according to the temperature of the water:
White = Cold, Less than 97°F (35°C)
Blue = Warm, 97° to 100°F (36° to 38°C)
Purple = Warmer, 100° to 104°F (38° to 40°C)
Red = Hot, Greater than 104°F (40°C)

  • The color of the LED will tell you, if the water is cold, warm, warmer or hot
  • 15 LED lights illuminate the water jet
  • Removable transparent cover for easy cleaning
  • Swivel connector to adjust the direction of the water jet
  • Black Finish
  • No battery or cable required
  • No motor 100% water driven
  • Fit to any standard 1/2″ shower pipe
  • Easy installation – usually no tools required, sometimes a wrench to remove the old shower head

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