Monitor and Control the Heating and Cooling of a Home from Anywhere in the World

Convenience in life, no matter how big or small is a great thing and with the LockState Connect LS-60i Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat regulating the temperature of a home has never been easier. This internet enabled thermostat can be controlled anywhere in the world from a Smartphone, laptop or computer as long as there is a valid internet connection. Being able to control this thermostat remotely via the internet also makes it an ideal choice for use with rental properties or second homes. Owners of rental properties can now have further control by setting heating and cooling programs that will save energy and monitor if settings are being adjusted or abused. Rental property owners also have the convenience of activating the thermostat for their guests, or themselves, just prior to arrival so that it can run in an energy saving setting when vacant or not at all. The Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat can also be setup to send alerts to notify when specified settings are either met or exceeded for further control. This will let you know if the device is being adjusted when it shouldn’t be or if there is a problem. Being alerted right away to a potential air-flow issue allows for it to be tended to rather than the thermostat overcompensating and leaving a large electricity bill in its wake.
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Measure Air Velocity and Temperature Simultaneously

Extech Instruments SDL300 Metal Vane Thermo-Anemometer DataloggerThe Extech SDL300 Thermo-Anemometer Datalogger meter displays and stores air velocity and temperature readings. Temperature readings from the thermometer built into the vane probe or from an externally connected type K or J thermocouple temperature probe can be displayed and recorded. Data is stored on the included 2GB SD card for transfer to a PC. In addition, an RS232 port allows data streaming to a PC. This meter is shipped fully tested and calibrated, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service.


  • Metal Vane withstands temperatures to 158°F (70°C) and air velocity to 6900ft/min
  • Datalogger date/time stamps and stores readings on an SD card in Excel format for easy transfer to PC
  • Adjustable data sampling rate: 1 to 3600 seconds
  • Stores 99 readings manually and 20M readings via 2G SD card
  • Type K/J Thermocouple input for high temperature measurements
  • Large (9999 count) LCD displays Air Velocity and Temperature simultaneously
  • 2% velocity accuracy via low friction ball bearing vane wheel on 39″ (1m) cable
  • Record/Recall MIN, MAX readings
  • Data Hold plus Auto power off with disable function
  • Built-in PC interface

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Expandable, Pocket Sized Speaker Allows Music to be Played From SD Card or 3.5mm Audio Jack

Satechi SD PocketBL SD Mini Portable Pocket Mp3 Player - Black

  • Compact capsule design with black matte finish
  • Compatible with any audio player with a 3.5mm audio jack
  • SD card slot allows playback of MP3 or WMA music files saved on an SD card
  • Fully rechargeable lithium ion battery for up to 12 hours of audio playback
  • Connect a row of SD Pocket Speakers to get jaw-dropping audio

The sleekly designed SD Pocket Speaker not only operates as a compact portable speaker but is also a mobile music player which doubles up as an SD/SDHC card reader. Armed with the signature Bass Xpansion System, the speaker extends to amplify dynamic audio range without compromising on acoustic integrity. Engineered to be user-friendly, one button serves to control all functions which include power, volume, pause and track change. The SD Pocket Speaker also features the series connection system that is compatible to the other pocket speakers which allows them to be daisy chained to produce an enhanced audio performance.

Being wireless means it’s as portable as your phone. The strikingly attractive, compact and expandable design fits snugly into a provided carry pouch between uses. With its built in 3.5mm audio jack, you are able to plug in almost anything to enjoy the dynamic sound. Delight your friends by sharing your music with this handy, powerful and compact speaker.   Read More

Solar Powered Personel Outdoor Safety Light

Make sure to be prepared in the event your car ever breaks down at night with the Sentina LED-52 Rechargeable Solar LED Flare Flashlight. This safety light is designed to ensure oncoming traffic can easily see you using its bright blinking LEDs and bright red reflectors. As and added feature it can also be used like a traditional flashlight whenever one is needed. The Solar LED Flare Flashlight is charged naturally by the sun giving it $0 operating costs to use. The flashlight itself is splash-proof and small enough to easily fit in a glove box or on a dash to be charged by the sun. It makes a great addition to any home or auto emergency kit and is an ideal companion for camping trips due to its multiple uses and ease of charging. Read More

Sentina LED-52 Rechargeable Solar LED Flare Flashlight



  • Flare can be seen from a mile away
  • Solar Rechargeable LEDs give 360° visibility
  • Perfect for use as road side safety tool
  • Bright reflector for increased attention
  • Water resistant splash-proof housing

The World’s Only Fun and Practical Multi-Use Timer

Datexx DF-33 Miracle Time Cube 5-15-30-60 Minute Preset Timer

  • No buttons, switches, or dials to fuss with
  • No disruptive audible sound during countdown
  • Great gift idea
  • Perfect for cooking and baking
  • Fun and creative design

No more hassling with inaccurate dials, buttons, or switches, The Miracle Time Cube allows users to manage their time in style and digital accuracy. The four sides of the cube are used to represent a countdown time. The timer options available on the cube are 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes. When not in use the cube will sit on the side showing a Zero. To use the timer simply turn it to the side showing the desired countdown time. Once this is done the timer will beep and immediately begin its countdown process. No clicking or any other noises will be heard while the unit is counting down that may disturb you from a nap or any other activity requiring a quiet atmosphere. A digital display is featured on the bottom of the unit in order to allow you to check on how much time has elapsed. After the countdown time has elapsed, an unmistakable alarm will ring alerting you of the time periods passing. Use this product for cooking or baking, meetings, homework, studying, preparing speeches, test-taking, time-outs for misbehaving children, power napping, exercise training and so much more. This unit is powered by 2x – AAA batteries sold separately.   Read More

Conveniently Mount iPad’s, Tablets and Smartphone’s on a Wall at Home or in the Office

The Dockem Universal Wall Mount is easy to hang and because it mounts with adhesive strips, walls won’t be damaged with holes and screws. It is compatible with smartphone, iPad/tablet and eReader devices that are less than 5 lbs and 20mm thick. The Wall Mount is held in place using 3M Command Strips (included) to create a small shelf to rest your device on for such possible uses as an alarm clock if put next to a bed or in the kitchen for entertainment and cooking. For added convenience each mount has a built-in clip to hold the devices charging cord so that it isn’t loosely dangling when connected while in the Universal Wall Mount. Once hung should a new mounting location be desired the 3M strips can be easily removed (see video) without damaging the wall. Use multiple Universal Wall Mounts to have various docking stations throughout your home for use where ever you are. Read More

Dockem 20003 Blk Universal Wall Mount, Black

  • Compatible with devices less than 20mm thick
  • Simple solution
  • Built-in cord clip
  • No screws to damage walls