Keep Your Valuables Safe from Theft, Water Damage and Even Fire

Make sure to keep all your valuables safe from theft and disaster with the First Alert 2092F Waterproof and Fire Resistant Combination Safe. This safe has 1.3 cubic feet of storage space with an adjustable interior shelf, door pocket and key rack. The safe has been UL classified to withstand external temperatures of 1700°F for 1 hour and maintain and internal temperature of less than 350°F. It’s been fire verified to protect memory sticks, CD’s, DVD’s, USB drives and other valuables but it is not intended to protect audio or video cassettes, floppy discs, data cartridges, film or photos in such high temperatures. This Combination Safe is also waterproof and has even been proven to be so when fully submerged in water. Hinges on the safe are concealed so that they are pry-resistant and safe from theft in the event of a break-in. Another security precaution of this safe is that it has 4 locking bolts in the door for added protection from attempts to pry the safe open. The number combination to unlock the safe can be found imprinted on the back of the included owner’s manual and is unique to each individual safe. Read More

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