Store Up to 3 Pairs of Skis and Ski Poles in One Safe and Convenient Spot

Monkey Bars SSR-3 Ski Storage Rack, 3 Pairs



  • Holds up to 3 pairs of skis and poles
  • Wall mount rack keeps skis safely off of the ground
  • Quick installation
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Works with all ski sizes



Skis can get expensive and whether you’re the only skier or you’ve got a family of them it is important to make sure each pair of skis is safe when not in use. Monkey Bars is here to help protect and keep skis organized with its Ski Storage Rack for up to 3 pairs of skis and poles. Throwing skis in the corner of a closet or garage can lead to nicks, scrapes and dings which is where this Ski Rack comes in handy. This storage rack comes with everything needed to mount it onto a wall and can hold skis of all sizes safely off the ground and out of the way. It is made of industrial grade stainless steel making it very durable and suitable for use indoors or outdoors. Each ski holding hook is powder coated in a grey finish and its unique soapstone grey color will hide dust and maintain it original look making it ideal for garage and outdoor use. Read More

Powerful Dock for your iPod, iPod touch or iPhone Fills the Room with Music

MP 8301 30-Pin Speaker Dock with Touch Panel Controls and Wireless Remote Control

  • 30-pin front connector for Apple iPod, iPod touch or iPhone
  • 3.5mm input on reverse side for connecting other MP3 players and audio devices
  • Touch panel controls with easy to see LED indicators
  • Remote control with iDevice menu navigation controls
  • 30 Watt power output
  • Speaker Dock will also charge Apple devices when connected to the 30-pin plug



Get superb sound quality from this powerful 30W iPod/iPhone speaker dock! Designed for use with the iPod and iPhone line of devices, this speaker dock has a mounting tray in front with an Apple iDevice 30-pin connector, which provides both power and signal connections to the dock. The dock will thus charge your iDevice, while playing music or other audio material.

Front panel controls on the dock provide control of both the dock itself and basic control of the attached iDevice, for play/pause, skip forward, and skip back. The included remote provides additional control for the iDevice with the ability to call up and navigate the menus.

A 3.5 mm stereo jack on the back of the unit allows you to use this with other portable devices, though without the ability to playback and system navigation, like you can with an iDevice. The dock runs on a 12 VDC 2A power adapter, which is included.   Read More

Reduce Repetitive Strain on Your Neck and Shoulders

If you are a regular computer user you can encounter problems such as pain in your mouse using arm or shoulders and stiffness in your neck. According to a 2009 surveyby Investigo, 47% of computer users experience occasional discomfort and 24% suffer regularly recurring problems. One way of preventing this is to use a Mousetrapper, which is an ergonomic alternative to a standard computer mouse. A Mousetrapper gives you a different way of working with a computer, which reduces repetitive strain on your neck and shoulders. This product will assist you in having a good ergonomic working posture with your arms centered in front of your body, which in turn will facilitate working with both hands and all fingers on the mouse pad.

Its ingenious design and handy neoprene carrying case give the Mousetrapper Flexible a place to store its components. The USB receiver for cordless use is located in a compartment on the bottom side of the unit while its included USB cable can be carried in the case. There is a ridge between the buttons which prevents two buttons being pressed at one time, thus
avoiding dual commands. To save power, when the USB receiver is disconnected from the USB port of the PC, your Mousetrapper Flexible will switch off automatically. The battery is rechargeable and with normal use will be in no need of recharging for approximately three months. Read more

Use Free Power From the Sun Accent Outdoor Features

Nature Power 21140 Solar Spotlight System (3-Pack)With these solar spotlights, you’ll never have to pay a penny to highlight and accent your outdoor areas at night. The spotlights draw power from the included solar panel. No electricity is used so you won’t see an increase in your energy bills. When fully charged, each spotlight will provide up to eight hours of light. Each spotlight features nine super bright LEDs to provide to light your garden, pathways, and more. Use the included stakes to install the spotlights directly into the ground. Or use the included mounting hardware to mount the spotlights to a wall or fence. Enough wiring is included to install each spotlight up to 15 feet away from the solar panel. Knobs are located just underneath the spotlight for easy adjustments and multi-directional light. The spotlights are highly weather resistant and designed to withstand any weather condition, making the spotlights perfect for year-round use.

  • 3-pack of energy-saving solar spotlights
  • Runs up to 8 hours on a full charge
  • Separate solar panel can be mounted up to 15 feet away from each light
  • Ground stake or wall mounted options
  • Adjustable for multi-directional lighting

Read more

Charge and Transfer Data To/From Your iPod, iPod touch or iPhone

MP 7858 30-pin to USB Docking Station for MP3 Players, Cellular Phones and Portable Electronics, Wh

  • Charging Station
  • Syncing Station
  • Compatible with iPod, iPod touch and iPhone

This USB Docking Station has an Apple 30-pin connector and comfortably fits all models of the iPod, iPod touch and iPhone. A 7-inch long USB cable is attached to the dock and has a standard USB A male plug for connecting to a computer or USB power source. When not in use, the cable wraps around the base of the dock and the plug is fitted into a recessed section on the bottom of the device. Read more

Keep Your Valuables Safe from Theft, Water Damage and Even Fire

Make sure to keep all your valuables safe from theft and disaster with the First Alert 2092F Waterproof and Fire Resistant Combination Safe. This safe has 1.3 cubic feet of storage space with an adjustable interior shelf, door pocket and key rack. The safe has been UL classified to withstand external temperatures of 1700°F for 1 hour and maintain and internal temperature of less than 350°F. It’s been fire verified to protect memory sticks, CD’s, DVD’s, USB drives and other valuables but it is not intended to protect audio or video cassettes, floppy discs, data cartridges, film or photos in such high temperatures. This Combination Safe is also waterproof and has even been proven to be so when fully submerged in water. Hinges on the safe are concealed so that they are pry-resistant and safe from theft in the event of a break-in. Another security precaution of this safe is that it has 4 locking bolts in the door for added protection from attempts to pry the safe open. The number combination to unlock the safe can be found imprinted on the back of the included owner’s manual and is unique to each individual safe. Read More