High Quality Keyboard with Advanced Gaming Features

Raptor-Gaming 000RAPLK1



  • Anti-ghost technology allows for up to six simultaneous keystrokes without signal loss
  • Water-resistant structure
  • Red and black AWSD and arrow keys with key removal tool allow customization
  • Plug and play installation with a 3 meter cable with gold USB connection
  • Muted keystrokes


Annihilate your opponents with this keyboard’s arsenal of powerful features, including 6-key anti-ghost technology, a water-resistant infrastructure, and exchangeable keys. Anti-ghosting technology allows for up to 6 simultaneous keystrokes at once without any signal loss. Red AWSD and arrow keys will ensure your fingers’ accuracy in the dark and spare black AWSD and arrow keys allow you to customize the keyboard to fit your needs.

The new Fast-Mover-Technology™ automatically locks removed keys to eliminate the possibility of mistakes so you can outmaneuver your opponents. Whisper-silent keys, adjustable tilt legs, and 5 non-slip pads keep the keyboard in place add to the plug and play keyboard’s array of gaming features. This German-designed keyboard will take all your gaming to the next level and give you the advantage over whomever you may be playing. Read More

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