Save Garage Space by Neatly Hanging a Bike on the Wall

Got a cluttered garage or storage area? Is a bike one of the culprits of the clutter? One quick and hassle-free way to start clearing up that clutter is to remove a large awkward shaped bike from the equation. Using the Monkey Bars Single Bike Storage Rack a bike can be hung on a wall and out of the way to start reducing clutter. This Bike Storage Rack mounts on a wall to horizontally hold 1 bike off the ground plus riding gear such as a helmet or shoes. The Bike Rack is constructed of heavy duty 12 gauge industrial steel with a powder coated soapstone grey finish which will hide dust.
Monkey Bars BSR-1 Single Bike Storage Rack

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Handheld Device Detects Wireless Signal Strength, Network ID and More

Hobbes Innovation WL-F601Pro Digital WiFi DetectorThe Hobbes Innovation Digital WiFi Detector is an advanced product to detect existing wireless AP’s and express the signal level with beep sound. It also provides the user with a clear description of each wireless access point on a site, including SSID, Channel, Security and Signal Strength. With the varied detecting function, it can help user connecting to IEEE 802.11 b/g devices, and prevent conflicts of Internet access over wireless points. It is truly an excellent tool for both installers and owners of wireless networks.

  • Big LCD screen with backlight to show clear description
  • Provides specific information about each network when multiple AP’s were detected
  • Sorts the order by signal strength when multiple AP’s are detected
  • Identifies wireless equipment name and channel
  • Displays encryption condition on each wireless component
  • Auto Power off function
  • Coverage: up to 300 feet (90m) in open environment

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Store and Protect Valuable Possessions with a Welded Steel Anti-Theft Safe

Make sure to keep all your valuables and keepsakes safe from theft with the First Alert 2025F Digital Lock Security Safe. This anti-theft safe has a variety of features to protect its contents from break-in such as pry-resistant hinges which are concealed in the safe, 2 locking steel door bolts and the safe itself is constructed of welded steel. Admittance into the safe is achieved by entering a password into the digital lock which is 3 to 8 digits long and set by the owner. However, should the password ever be forgotten the owner can still gain access to the safe by using the included emergency override key. The safe also comes with an interior light, protective floor mat, 4 protective rubber feet and all necessary mounting hardware. The safe is powered by 4 AA batteries which are included with the purchase. Read more

Check the Working Condition of your HDMI Cables Before Installation

Hobbes Innovation E-852 HDMImapper HDMI High Definition Cable TesterThe Hobbes Innovation HDMImapper (HDMI High Definition Cable Tester) is designed to test and troubleshoot the pin connections of HDMI cables. It detects the HDMI cable pin out and provides a detail information if the cable is damaged or in good quality. It tests for results by using pin to pin connection and verifies an open, short or mis-wire pins. The unit also displays a quick and easy to read dual LED color (green and red) to conveniently let the user know if the cable passes or failed the test.

The HDMI Cable Tester is a user friendly tool that will easily test HDMI cables by connecting both ends of the cable to the unit. A LED will illuminate in red color to indicate open, short, or mis-wire cable. Hence, if the cables pin configuration had passed, the LED will illuminate in green color. With its auto scanning feature and audible notification, testing an HDMI wire condition has never been easier and quicker. The HDMImapper can also display detail information of the wire faults if required.


  • Pin to pin test for HDMI A type cable
  • Easy to read test results via dual color LED bar
  • Displays the cable status for open, short and mis-wire
  • Quick Detect the Good/Bad cable
  • Beeper indicator to easily identify Good or Bad cable
  • Low battery indicator

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Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Reduces Repetitive Strain on Your Neck and Shoulders

Mousetrapper MTA+ Padded Ergonomic Mouse Steering PadIf you are a regular computer user you can encounter problems such as pain in your mouse using arm or shoulders and stiffness in your neck. According to a 2009 survey by Investigo, 47% of computer users experience occasional discomfort and 24% suffer regularly recurring problems. One way of preventing this is to use a Mousetrapper, which is an ergonomic alternative to a standard computer mouse. A Mousetrapper gives you a different way of working with a computer, which reduces repetitive strain on your neck and shoulders. This product will assist you in having a good ergonomic working posture with your arms centered in front of your body, which in turn will facilitate working with both hands and all fingers on the mouse pad.

The Mousetrapper Advance Plus is a full size, padded mouse steering pad that sits in front of your computers keyboard. The working position that this product promotes is achieved by centering both your arms in front of your body while you work. By maneuvering the steering pad with your fingers, the mouse cursor moves without having to lift your hands. You can easily vary your working position by maneuvering the steering pad with either your left or right hand and by alternating fingers. The ergonomic design helps to avoid the syndromes of “mouse arm” and other repetitive stress injuries. The easily maneuvered steering pad is scrollable in all directions and reacts instantly to touch without any delay or reaction time. Mousetrapper Advance Plus steering pad is unique in its kind with a steering pad that scrolls up/down and sideways. The superior sensitivity and functionality of Mousetrapper Advance steering pad should not be confused with other steering pads or touch pads. Read more

Checks Different Types of Network Cables for Faults, Shorts and Incorrect Wiring

Hobbes Innovation 256551-R LANtest Kit Network Modular Ethernet Cable TesterThe Hobbes Innovation LANtest will wire-map networking cables on a unique LED display. Get actual readings on the wiring configuration for Category 5, coaxial and modular telephone cables on this trusted network cable tester. Cabling faults such as open wires, shorts, mis-wiring and crossed pairs are crystal clear with the LANtest’s unique LED display. Perform all the above tests on installed cables with the included remote terminator.

Carrying case, remote terminator, and adapters are included, making this the most affordable and effective wire-mapping device for networking cables. This test performs both auto and manual scans for pin-out indicators and can remotely test cable from up to 1000 ft away from either a wall plate or patch panel.

Use the LANTEST Kit Network Cable Test for:

  • Cable continuity, open, short and miss-wire cabling faults.
  • Cable Grounding
  • Correct pin configuration of 10Base-T, 10Base-2, Thin Ethernet cable, RJ45/RJ11 modular cables, 356A, TIA-568A/568B and Token Ring cables and more

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