Sensors Raise and Lower the Toilet Seat and Lid for 100% Touch-Free Operation

iTouchless TS1EWAC Touch-Free Sensor Control Automatic Toilet Seat - White ElongatedYou won’t need to worry forgetting to put the toilet seat down ever again with this automated toilet seat installed in your bathroom. This toilet seat cover opens and closes based on readings from its infrared sensors located on the top and inside of the cover. Walk right up to the toilet and the cover will automatically open. Place your hand above the top of the cover to raise the seat . An occupant sensor on the inside of the cover determines whether or not the toilet is in use. When it detects the toilet is unoccupied, it will automatically lower the seat and cover of the toilet. The cover will stay closed until the toilet is approached again. You’ll never have to touch the toilet seat, eliminating contact with and transmission of germs.

To avoid unnecessary activation, the beam-type sensors require you break the infrared beam for a short amount of time before the seat and cover will respond. Therefore, walking past the toilet will not cause the cover to open. The seat is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can last up to three months on a full charge. When the battery power starts to wane, attach the included charger and plug into an AC outlet. If you do not have an AC outlet readily available, the toilet seat easily slides off for temporary relocation. Read more

Keep your aquarium or pond clean and healthy

JBJ EFU-25 100 Gallon Small Reaction 4-Stage Water Filter with UVThis revolutionary canister filter offers a high media storing capacity with simple to remove basket trays, self priming lever, quick disconnect shut off valve for easy maintenance, and an innovatively integrated UV sterilizer with On/Off switch that polishes water to crystal clarity while keeping pathogens at bay. The EFU-25 model has a flow rate of 198 gallons per hour and is rated up to a 100 gallon tank.

The canister filter utilizes mechanical, chemical, biological filtration, and UV sterilization for a balanced aquarium. Water first enters the canister via the intake strainer and is guided through a large sponge to trap particulate matter. The water then reaches 500g of activated carbon to remove harmful dissolved organic compounds. Water is directed over the ceramic rings that offers a tremendous amount of surface area internally and externally to grow beneficial aerobic bacteria that break down harmful ammonia and nitrite to less harmful nitrate. All the filtered water then passes through our powerful UV-C lamp for pathogen and green water elimination.
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Add More Computers to Your Network with this 16-Port Ethernet Switch

Level One GES-1650 Web Smart 16-Gig 19in Rack Mount Switch

  • Supports fast Ethernet and fiber optic
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • Expand your network beyond your router’s capabilities
  • Provides LED indicators for network diagnostics
  • Metal casing with internal power supply
  • Rack mount brackets included

If your broadband router doesn’t have enough ports for all your computers, you need to add a switch to your network. Add up to 19 computers to your network with this 16-port Ethernet switch. Connect your broadband router to any of the 16 RJ45 ports, and use the rest to connect computers. Comes with rack mount brackets and rubber feet for desktop use.

Connection to fiber requires either a 1.25G transceiver 850nm or a 1.25G transceiver 1550nm for each SFP port. Read more