Better Air Filtration with the World’s Lowest Energy Consumption

AirTamer A700 Ultra High Efficiency Air PurifierCombining exceptional air filtration with one of the lowest energy consumption rates for products of its type, the AirTamer A700 can help you breathe easier while being kind to your wallet and the environment. Whether you need to be rid of allergens, odors, or anything else floating around in the air, the A700 can do it quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently.

  • Captures odors, smoke, viruses, bacteria, vocs, dust, pet dander, smog
  • Consumes Only 5 Watts on Low
  • 5 speeds
  • Filter change indicator

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Pass IR signals through doors/walls to control hidden AV components without line of sight

The Vanco 280732 CFL Resistant 1×2 IR Repeater Kit is a great way to control your home theater components that are located inside of a media cabinet or in an AV equipment closet. Most AV components are controlled via an infrared (IR) remote control that requires a line of site to work between the remote control and the component(s). So components located behind closed doors can’t be controlled unless the doors are open, which defeats the purpose. An IR repeater kit solves this problem. The mini surface-mount IR receiver is the only item that needs to be visible. It receives IR commands from your remote, passes it through the connecting block and distributes the signals out through the IR emitters. This system allows you to keep a cable or satellite TV receiver, stereo receiver or amplifier, CD player, DVD player, Blu-ray player, or virtually any component controlled by an IR signal behind closed doors so you can use your remote control like normal.
Vanco 280732 CFL Resistant 1x2 Home Theater IR Repeater Kit with Mini Surface-Mount Receiver

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Powerful Impact Sprinkler Head Allows for Smooth, Uninterruped, and Uniform Water Flow

Orbit Irrigation 55100 Super-Jet Pop-Up Impact Sprinkler

  • ½-inch threaded side or bottom inlet
  • Coverage up to 40 feet in a partial to full circle
  • 3-inch pop-up height
  • Universal design fits with most impact and gear stream heads

This sprinkler head is designed to cover areas up to a 40 foot radius. The spray is adjustable from a partial to full circle. Standard ½-inch inlets and its universal design allow the sprinkler to be used as a replacement for just about any brand of impact or gear stream sprinkler head. Its special, flow-thru design allows enables superior performance, even with dirty water.

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