Share a single audio source with up to 4 people!

SkunkJuice 302 Black Magnetic Earbuds FGThe Skunk Juice Magnetic Earbuds offers an innovative way to share and listen to music with up to four people. These awesome new earbuds connect magnetically and sharing your music is as easy as snapping the connector together. When you are done sharing, disconnecting is as easy as connecting. Simply snap them apart. Often times sharing an audio source diminishes the quality, but these fancy magnets ensure a strong hold while still maintaining potent audio quality. This innovative magnetic connection offers safety to your precious audio device. Countless devices have been destroyed because the user completely forgets that they are connected to it and walk away. Because these earbuds simply breakaway from the connecter, it saves you from possible expensive disasters. These Skunk Juice FG earbuds spread a potent mix of good audio quality minus the funky smell. Read more

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