Decorative Fence Post Light that is Solar Powered

Nature Power 21120 Solar Fence Post Light
The Nature Power Solar Fence Post Light fits securely over wood and vinyl 4×4 or 3.5×3.5 posts and installs in minutes. This Post Light is also great for post caps, mailboxes or freestanding use on a patio table. Because this light is solar powered it can be used where ever light is needed due to not needing any electrical access to work. An amorphous solar panel at the top of the Post Light collects sun light over the course of the day and uses it to charge 2 internal batteries. After a full day of charging the light will offer up to 8 hours of illumination at night with the length of runtime varying depending upon amount of sunlight exposure during the day. It is important that the Post Light is in a location that will receive ample sunlight throughout the course of the day. The Solar Fence Post Light has an internal photocell sensor which detects sunlight and will automatically turn the light on as it becomes dark outside. It has a weather resistant rustic copper design constructed of aluminum alloy so that it can be left outside year round. The Solar Fence Post Light has 1 white LED making it best used for accent lighting. Read more

Full Range of Z-Wave Controller Functionalities in a Wireless, Handheld Remote

Aeon Labs DSA03202W-ZWUS Z-Wave Minimote - WhiteThis easy-to-use Z-Wave remote control combines a simplistic design with advanced features, making programming and controlling your Z-Wave network easier than ever. Four recessed scene buttons on the main face of the remote allow you to conveniently turn scenes on/off and adjust brightness with simple button taps. All communications are done wirelessly over radio frequency (RF), making the remote completely portable. The remote is capable of sending signals up to 100 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoor so you will be able to control your devices from almost anywhere in your home.

Slide the remote apart to reveal four additional buttons for advanced features, such as including/removing devices from the Z-Wave network, fixing the mesh network, becoming a primary or secondary controller, and resetting the remote. With the Minimote, there is no need for external software programs and adapters – everything can be done with this lightweight and compact unit. An internal lithium battery provides months of use on a full charge and is rechargeable with the included USB cable. Read more

Make sure notes and to-do lists are visible to all

Improv Electronics 90055001 Boogie Board Message Center

With this Message Center your Boogie Board Writing Tablet can be left in a convenient to see location such as a refrigerator and then easily slid out and taken on the go whenever needed. A corkboard at the bottom of the Message Center makes it easy to add anything via a push-pin such as a picture or a good test score for all to see. At the top is a designated holder for the Tablets stylus to ensure it doesn’t get lost.

  • Compatible with the Boogie Board 8.5 Tablet
  • Tablet slides in and out of center
  • Corkboard bottom for push-pin notes and pictures
  • Designated stylus holder
  • Lightweight 9.2 ounce design

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Easily Monitor Temperature and Humidity Indoors

La Crosse Technology WT-137U Indoor Comfort Level Weather StationThe Indoor Comfort Level Weather Station from La Crosse Technology provides temperature readings in °F or °C and 5 levels of humidity readings. The humidity readings are shown as %RH and are broken down into the following levels:

  • Dry: 1% – 34% RH
  • Comfort/Dry: 35% – 40% RH
  • Comfort/Ideal: 41% – 55% RH
  • Comfort/Wet: 56% – 64% RH
  • Wet: 65% and above

The Indoor Weather Station has a humidity range of 1%-99% and a temperature reading range of 32°F to 122°F or 0°C to 50°C. It also has the ability to record minimum and maximum temperature and humidity readings for tracking. A transparent frame gives it a stylish appearance so that it will not look gaudy if hung on a wall or set on a table. The Indoor Comfort Level Weather Station is powered by 1 AAA battery, not included, which will give it up to 24 months of battery life.

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Share a single audio source with up to 4 people!

SkunkJuice 302 Black Magnetic Earbuds FGThe Skunk Juice Magnetic Earbuds offers an innovative way to share and listen to music with up to four people. These awesome new earbuds connect magnetically and sharing your music is as easy as snapping the connector together. When you are done sharing, disconnecting is as easy as connecting. Simply snap them apart. Often times sharing an audio source diminishes the quality, but these fancy magnets ensure a strong hold while still maintaining potent audio quality. This innovative magnetic connection offers safety to your precious audio device. Countless devices have been destroyed because the user completely forgets that they are connected to it and walk away. Because these earbuds simply breakaway from the connecter, it saves you from possible expensive disasters. These Skunk Juice FG earbuds spread a potent mix of good audio quality minus the funky smell. Read more

Convert Your Fixed Showerhead to a Handheld Model

Product Title (In box)
The Memowell Showerhead Arm Holder is the perfect accessory for converting fixed showerheads to a handheld model. The arm holder connects to the end of you shower pipe and has a separate attachment for the shower hose. The arm holder pivots giving you the room to adjust for the perfect placement of your showerhead. Combine with the Memowell 60 inch Shower Hose and you will have all you need to replace your fixed showerhead with a handheld.

  • Universal Shower Arm Holder
  • Works on any half inch pipe
  • Attractive Chrome Finish

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