Enchanting Outdoor Candle is Really a Flickering LED Powered by the Sun

Velleman CSOL08 Solar Powered Sun JarEnjoy the atmosphere of candlelight on your patio without worrying if the wind will blow it out. This handsome white jar contains a solar panel to keep a nickel-metal hydride battery charged, which powers a yellow LED that flickers. This combination perfectly imitates a candle and provides the romance of candlelight for hours. On/off switch conserves the battery power until you want the ambiance.

  • Solar panel charges battery – no outside electricity required
  • Flickering LED imitates light from a candle

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Handy 100 Lumen Flashlight Clamps to Nearly Anything

The Blackfire Clamplight is an ultra-versatile flashlight perfect for just about any task that presents itself. This flashlight is capable of clamping to just about any object available and is made of hi-impact ABS plastic for increased durability. The clamp at the base also has the option of locking in an open position in the event there is nothing available for it to clamp onto. The head of the flashlight can pivot and rotate to get into the best position possible to shine light directly where it is needed. The Blackfire Clamplight is made in the USA and is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are not included with the purchase of the Clamplight Flashlight.

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Spice up your shower with an orange spray

Magic Showerhead SH1012W Fixed White Showerhead with Orange LED
The Memowell Magic Showerhead brightens up your shower experience with innovative LED technology. Magic Showerhead transforms your everyday shower into illuminated water – in the color of your choice. No batteries or electricity is required, 12 LED lights illuminate the water jet.

No battery or cable is required to light up the LEDs, just water pressure from the shower provides all the energy needed to light up your shower. Easy installation – just replace your existing showerhead with the Magic Showerhead, no tools required. The swivel connector allows you to adjust the direction of the water jet for a customizeable shower experience.


  • 12 Orange LED lights illuminate the water jet
  • Removable transparent cover for easy cleaning
  • Swivel connector to adjust the direction of the water jet
  • White finish
  • No battery or cable required
  • No motor
  • 100% water driven
  • Fit to any standard 1/2″ shower pipe
  • Easy installation – usually no tools required, sometimes a wrench to remove the old shower head

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Designed for the Pro DJ and Music Lover, Experience the Highest Quality Sound and Comfort

Koss Corporation PRODJ 100 Over Ear Studio HeadphonesThe full size, over-the-ear Koss ProDJ100 headphones are the choice for the professional DJ’s and music lovers alike. These headphones feature all the industry standards as well as new technology that separates them from other headphones of the like in the marketplace. The ear cups are made from stylish, spun metal and they swivel 180° allowing amateur or professional DJ’s for single-sided listening and monitoring flexibility. A conveniently located switch on the right ear cup allow you to transition between stereo and mono and is perfect for remixing. The soft, closed cushions of the earphones create a comfortable seal on your ears and head. The comfort and perfect seal that these headphones create amplifies the extreme bass response and reduces the sound of the noisy outside world. The isolating cushions coupled with perfectly placed, highly efficient dynamic elements and oxygen-free copper voice coils allow for 10 – 25,000 Hz of crystal clear frequency response.

The ProDJ100 has an 8 foot coiled cord with a 3.5 mm standard plug and a 6.5 mm detachable adapter for any professional mixer. They also fold flat for quick, easy storage and transportation from set to set.

Renowned for the invention of the original stereo phones, Koss has been pioneering hi-fi headphones since 1958 – three generations of American ingenuity, integrity and incomparable quality.
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Know Exactly Where Your Boat Is at all Times, and Receive Problem Alerts on Your Smartphone

Guard Dog GD-ST100 MarineTrac GPS Tracker

  • Real-time tracking & reporting
  • User-defined “fence”
  • Low voltage alert
  • Battery monitor alert
  • Bilge water alert
  • Emergency alert
  • 1-month backup battery
  • Waterproof
  • GPS jamming alert with cell tower triangulation

It would be great to hop on your boat and head out for a relaxing day on the water or weekend exploring a new port, but what if someone else had the same idea – take your boat out for a tour? Unfortunately, in today’s world, you can’t always count on your boat staying where you left it. The Guard Dog MarineTrac will protect your investment and let you know if something goes wrong. You can set up a virtual fence around its normal mooring spot, so if it moves beyond that area you will receive an alert message. It will transmit its present GPS coordinates, as well as three month’s worth of bread crumbs showing where it went. Tie it into your bilge pump circuit to be notified of bilge pump use. It keeps track of engine run time as well as battery voltage and system current draw, and can let you know of problems. A built-in backup battery will support MarineTrac for a month if your boat’s power goes out. Supports iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones. Many insurance companies will offer discounts based on a Guard Dog installation. Read More