Photo Alarm Clock Designed to Grow with Your Child and Offer a Multitude of Features

This feature packed multimedia station is kid-friendly and designed to grow with your children. The Digital Photo Clock from ZAZOO Kids is ideal for parents who have children that are early risers or have trouble knowing when they should get out of bed in the morning. With the built-in photo alarm option kids can learn when it’s appropriate to stay in bed and when it is alright for them to get out. The photo alarm option allows a parent to set a specific image to be shown on the screen when a child should be in bed and then switch to a different scene, such as the sun, when it is time for the child to get out of bed in the morning. Choose from pre-loaded images already on the device or load your own to customize. An audible alarm can also be used in association with the images or on its own. This Digital Photo Clock can also be used as a calendar to help teach your child about days of the week and it can play your child’s favorite music or an audio book through its built-in speaker or headphone jack. Built-in to the memory of the Photo Clock are 11 fun songs from various well known children’s artists. Lastly, it functions as a regular digital picture frame with a slideshow viewer to display any images you or your child might want to view.

The Digital Photo Clock has a 7-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 480 x 234. Content such as music, audio books and digital images can all be added to the device through USB, SD card or flash drive. An included remote control makes navigating through photos, music and device options an easy task to perform. The ZAZOO Digital Photo Clock is powered by an included AC adapter. Read More

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