Be Alerted when Visitors Arrive with this Battery-Powered Light and Alarm

Don’t leave your home or family unprotected. This PIR Motion Sensor Light Alarm will let you know when visitors, wanted or unwanted, enter your property. Select the bright LED light or loud alarm. There’s a photocell to prevent the light from coming on when it’s not needed. The Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detector will sense people at from 15 to 25 feet distance. Use the included remote control to arm and disarm the alarm when the main unit switch is set to “alarm” mode. The main unit operates on four AAA batteries (sold separately) and the remoter control operates on one 23A battery (included).
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Protect Doors or Windows with this Easy-Install Alarm

Don’t let visitors – invited or not – sneak into your home. Protect your home and family with this Entry Alarm with RF Remote by Flipo. The Entry Alarm with RF Remote installs quickly and cleanly without any drilling or wiring. Simply peel and stick the main alarm to any door or window, then peel and stick the accompanying magnet bar to the frame, arm the alarm, and walk away. It’s that simple! Flipo created the Entry Alarm with RF Remote with three frequency channels allowing for multiple alarms to be controlled by a single remote, or multiple alarms to be controlled individually with each remote. The Entry Alarm with RF Remote can be placed virtually anywhere extra security is needed: around the house, in your boat or RV, in a dorm room, or garage. The security possibilities are endless! Requires three AAA batteries (sold separately) for the alarm unit and three LR44 coin cells (included) for the remote. Read more

Monitor Power Consumption of Your Appliances and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Now anyone can cut electricity costs and find out which appliances are worth keeping plugged in. Simply connect an appliance to the meter and it tells you the monthly cost. The unit measures consumption by the kilowatt-hour – the same way as your local utility company. By using this device, you can figure out how efficient each appliance actually is. Now you can decide if it’s finally time to get that shiny new refrigerator you’ve been eyeing or if your old air conditioner is actually the power hog you thought it was. You can calculate your cumulative electrical expenses and forecast usage by the day, week, month, or even an entire year. Also check the quality of your power by monitoring the voltage. With Power Monitoring For Dummies, you can now know “watts” killing you.
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Know Exactly Where Your Motorcycle or ATV Is at all Times, and Receive Problem Alerts on Your Smartphone

Guard Dog GD-MT100 MotoTrac GPS TrackerIt would be great to hop on your motorcycle or ATV and head out for a relaxing day or weekend, but what if someone else had the same idea – take your bike out for a ride? Unfortunately, in today’s world, you can’t always count on your bike staying where you left it. The Guard Dog MotoTrac will protect your investment and let you know if something goes wrong. You can set up a virtual fence around its normal parking spot, so if it moves beyond that area you will receive an alert message. It will transmit its present GPS coordinates, as well as three month’s worth of bread crumbs showing where it went. It keeps track of engine run time as well as battery voltage and system current draw, and can let you know of problems. A built-in backup battery will support MotoTrac for a month if the main battery power goes out. Supports iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones. Many insurance companies will offer discounts based on a Guard Dog installation.
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Protect Against Breaking Windows with this Alarm

Don’t leave your windows unprotected. Many intruders break in by breaking or opening windows. This sophisticated sensor is tuned to the vibrations glass emits when breaking or about to break. A piercing alarm is sounded when these vibrations are detected. Simple installation – just install AAA batteries (sold separately) and stick to your window with the self-adhesive tape included. Read more