Know Exactly Where Your Car or Truck Is at all Times, and Receive Problem Alerts on Your Smartphone

Guard Dog GD-AT100 AutoTrac GPS Tracker

It would be great to hop in your car or truck and head out for the day’s errands or weekend getaway, but what if someone else had the same idea – take your vehicle out for a drive? Unfortunately, in today’s world, you can’t always count on your car staying where you left it. The Guard Dog AutoTrac will protect your investment and let you know if something goes wrong. You can set up a virtual fence around its normal parking spot, so if it moves beyond that area you will receive an alert message. It will transmit its present GPS coordinates, as well as three month’s worth of bread crumbs showing where it went. It keeps track of engine run time as well as battery voltage and system current draw, and can let you know of problems. A built-in backup battery will support AutoTrac for a month if your car’s power goes out. Supports iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones. Many insurance companies will offer discounts based on a Guard Dog installation. Read More

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