Know Exactly Where Your Car or Truck Is at all Times, and Receive Problem Alerts on Your Smartphone

Guard Dog GD-AT100 AutoTrac GPS Tracker

It would be great to hop in your car or truck and head out for the day’s errands or weekend getaway, but what if someone else had the same idea – take your vehicle out for a drive? Unfortunately, in today’s world, you can’t always count on your car staying where you left it. The Guard Dog AutoTrac will protect your investment and let you know if something goes wrong. You can set up a virtual fence around its normal parking spot, so if it moves beyond that area you will receive an alert message. It will transmit its present GPS coordinates, as well as three month’s worth of bread crumbs showing where it went. It keeps track of engine run time as well as battery voltage and system current draw, and can let you know of problems. A built-in backup battery will support AutoTrac for a month if your car’s power goes out. Supports iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones. Many insurance companies will offer discounts based on a Guard Dog installation. Read More

Recharge Your Portable Devices with this Compact and Convenient Backup Charger

Scosche Industries IBAT1800 flipCHARGE rogue Backup Battery and Charger for Wireless Devices




  • Capable of fully recharging a completely dead iPod or iPhone battery
  • Recharge with flush folding USB cable and dock connector
  • Integrated carabiner provides convenience for easy travel
  • Extremely powerful lithium-polymer rechargeable battery
  • Four LED lights display charge level


Engineered and manufactured for the rugged outdoors type, the IBAT1800 flipCHARGE rogue Backup Battery is the perfect solution to keeping your iPhone or iPod charged when away from your home or car. With its 30-pin connector, this backup charger was manufactured specifically for Apple’s iPod Touch (3rd and 4th generation), iPod nano (5th and 6th generation) and the iPhone 4, 4S and 3GS. Measuring in at about less than half the size of the iPhone, this backup battery is perfect for someone who needs a portable power solution. With its included caribiner clip, simply attach the IBAT1800 to your backpack, belt loop, golf bag, luggage or nearly anything else.

The flipCHARGE rogue has an extremely powerful 1800mAh lithium-polymer rechargeable battery that is completely capable of recharging your iPhone or iPod to 100%. When completely drained, the battery pack can be plugged in for approximately 4 hours for a complete charge by use of its built-in, flush folding USB cable. Simply plug the backup battery into any computer, wall charger or car charger that accepts a USB connection. Four LED lights on the battery indicate the amount of charge that it contains. The IBAT1800 works with the free Scosche reVIVE app (available on the App Store).

Don’t become a victim of Dead-Battery-Syndrome. Get yourself some help today with Scosche’s flipCHARGE rogue backup battery and emergency charger. Read More

The Ultimate in Water Filtration System for a Pristine Aquarium or Pond

JBJ EFU-45 175 Gallon Large Reaction 4-Stage Water Filter with UV



Integrated Self-Priming Lever
Our innovative self-priming lever eliminates the need for manual siphoning. Simply, pump the lever up and down vigorously until the water enters the inlet and the remaining air bubbles leave the outlet.

Quick-Disconnect Shut-Off Valve
Definitely the most useful feature to keep floors dry when carrying out routine monthly maintenance. The quick-disconnect shut-off Valve is an integrated tool that instantly creates a watertight seal that stops water from entering or exiting the filter. Simply lift up the shut-off valve handle to the vertical position to stop water flow. Grab the handle and detach and take the canister filter for convenient media replacement.

On/Off Switch for UV-C Germicidal Lamp
This revolutionary concept integrates a special UV-C lamp to destroy green water and polish water to crystal clarity. The accessible ON/OFF switch allows for complete user control.

High Capacity Media Storage
The new trend in canister filters is to increase the filter storing capacity for larger amounts of chemical and biological medias. This allows for higher water quality due to more media contact through the initial pass. All filter baskets have convenient handles for removing and loading up all types of media that can be easily customized. Read More

Handy 28 Lumen Flashlight Clamps to Nearly Anything

The Blackfire Clamplight Junior is a 28 lumen compact flashlight perfect for just about any task in which hands-free lighting is needed. This flashlight is capable of clamping to just about any object available and is made of hi-impact ABS plastic for increased durability. The clamp at the base also has the option of locking in an open position in the event there is nothing available for it to clamp onto. The head of the flashlight can pivot and rotate to get into the best position possible to shine light directly where it is needed. The Blackfire Clamplight Junior is powered by 4 AAA batteries which are not included with the purchase of the product. Read More