Control High Frequency Cable Boxes

Product Title (In box)A Cmple Small or Premium Hidden IR Repeater Kit (each sold separately) will allow you to control your Audio Video (AV) equipment located behind closed doors of a cabinet or closet, in a rack mount system or in another room using your existing IR remote control(s). However some cable and satellite receiver boxes, such as SA HDTV DVR’s and DirectTV H21, operate on higher frequency that may not be compatible with the IR receiver include with the Small and Premium IR Kits. In a typical IR Repeater Kit setup, an IR signal is sent from your remote control, to a an IR Receiver, which passes the IR signal through a connecting block and out to the emitters. The Cmple 1178-N Dual Frequency IR Receiver has been designed to replace the standard IR receiver and allow for the passing of that high frequency signal.
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