Distribute Water up to 80 Feet to Keep Larger Lawns Green and Lush

Orbit Irrigation 55025 Satellite II Plastic Pop-Up Impact Sprinkler

  • Covers areas up to 80 feet in diameter in a partial to full circle
  • 2.5-inch pop-up height
  • Use as a replacement for most impact and gear sprinklers
  • Works with both low and high pressure systems
  • Ideal for secondary watering systems
  • ½-inch threaded side inlet and ½-inch or ¾-inch bottom inlet

This impact sprinkler can spray water in a partial or full circle pattern, allowing you to place them in locations all over your lawn. Water is distributed up to 80 feet away. Easy to install, this sprinkler can be used with all pop-up or gear sprinklers. It also features anti-back splash water control arms and sand-proof wiper seals for positive retraction. Use the impact sprinkler in both low and high pressure systems or even as a secondary watering system. Constructed with a heavy-duty, UV resistant and non-corrosive canister with reinforced ribbed design, this sprinkler is built to provide superior and long-lasting performance. Read more

Control High Frequency Cable Boxes

Product Title (In box)A Cmple Small or Premium Hidden IR Repeater Kit (each sold separately) will allow you to control your Audio Video (AV) equipment located behind closed doors of a cabinet or closet, in a rack mount system or in another room using your existing IR remote control(s). However some cable and satellite receiver boxes, such as SA HDTV DVR’s and DirectTV H21, operate on higher frequency that may not be compatible with the IR receiver include with the Small and Premium IR Kits. In a typical IR Repeater Kit setup, an IR signal is sent from your remote control, to a an IR Receiver, which passes the IR signal through a connecting block and out to the emitters. The Cmple 1178-N Dual Frequency IR Receiver has been designed to replace the standard IR receiver and allow for the passing of that high frequency signal.
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Modern Chic Recliner with Advanced Relaxation Techniques to Massage You From Head to Toe

Omega Massage SKBRN Zero Gravity Skyline Relaxation Chair - BrownWith its contemporary style, this hybrid recliner looks great in any home or office. And not only is it comfortable to sit in, the recliner provides advanced relaxation features to stimulate, soothe and provide relief for tense and overworked muscles. Utilizing a simple concept designed by NASA, this chair reclines to a zero gravity position to reduce pressure on your spine, allowing for back relief and better circulation. The chair is equipped with several other features for further relaxation. There are 7 airbags (2 for the neck, 2 for the back, and 3 in the seat) with 3 automatic programs and intensity levels. Eight vibration motors provide stimulation for your lower body, with 2 motors devoted to each section, including your buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet. Choose from four vibration programs and let the rhythmic and pulsating sensations relieve and invigorate you. You can even select an area of concentration for more targeted relief.

Additionally, the chair features heat therapy at the touch of a button. Heaters are located throughout the chair for soothing comfort to relieve aches, reduce swelling, and enhance blood flow. A mechanical roller located in the back cushion provides gentle kneading and rolling action to the lumbar area to loosen up tension in your lower back. The control panel is conveniently located in the armrest so you can set and adjust programs quickly and easily.

To put you in a further relaxed state, the chair uses the power of music therapy. Professional masseuses often incorporate soft, soothing sounds to help you enter a state of serenity and the chair also adopts this method. With a built-in MP3 player and included headphones, the chair makes listening to music during a massage more convenient. Simply download your favorite music to the included USB Music Stick, put on your headphones, set your desired program, and let the chair melt away the stresses and tension of life while you enter a state of utter bliss. Read more

Replace a Lost or Damaged Remote for your INSTEON® IRLinc Receiver

IRLinc Credit Card RemoteLost the remote that came with your INSTEON IRLinc Receiver? Don’t worry: the IRLinc Credit Card Remote is the exact replacement. This compact remote offers maximum control over up to 12 devices or scenes, so controlling your house is as quick and easy as changing the TV channel.

Set the Scene
Adding and removing devices from your INSTEON scenes is as straightforward as pressing a button. The IRLinc Credit Card Remote’s Add to Scene/Remove from Scene buttons make for the simplest scene setup process possible. Within minutes, you’ll be activating dramatic room- and house-wide transformations for any scenario.

Get ready for movie night by pressing a button that switches on the DVD player, dims the living room lights and turns up the thermostat. Or create the ideal game-day atmosphere by simultaneously turning on the big screen TV, the surround sound and the ceiling fan. When you’re done, just hit the All Off button to turn everything off. Read more

Is Your Cell Phone Dead? Keep a Back Up Battery Handy

iFresh 27289 Universal Rechargeable Back-Up Battery




  • Power a device up to 3 times before recharging
  • Recharge iFresh up to 500 times
  • Newest and safest lithium polymer battery
  • iFresh is non-flammable, non-explosive and light weight
  • Built in smart chip automatically turns on/off battery


Introducing the iFresh universal rechargeable backup battery. Now you have the power to recharge your Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, PDA and cell phone wherever you are, even on an airplane. The iFresh brings your device to full power in just minutes, and is fully rechargeable itself so you can use it again and again. Plus iFresh is slim and lightweight (just 2.75 ounces) so it easily goes where you go. iFresh comes with 10 different adapters so it works with dozens of different devices. Be sure to check the owner’s manual for a list of compatible devices.

The iFresh rechargeable backup battery is loaded with 2200 mAH of power so it has twice the capacity of a regular cell phone battery, and more power than other backup batteries. You power up in as fast as 5 minutes. iFresh has a warning light on the front that lets you know when it’s running low on power so you can easily recharge and use it again and again. You get up to 5 charges from iFresh before it needs to be recharged. This product is backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty. Read More