Plush Lounger Provides the Ultimate, Full Body Sensory Experience

Omega Massage MPBLK Montage Premier Massage Chair Recliner - BlackUsing the latest technology, the Montage Premier Massage Chair Recliner is equipped with features to put you in your most relaxed and tranquil state, all in the comfort of your own home. The massage chair offers stimulation and relief for just about every part of your body, for a full body sensory and massage experience. Each of the five automatic programs, Relaxation, Activation, Vitality, Night, and Morning, is designed for a specific purpose. Four manual massage techniques are also available, including Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, and Shiatsu (a combination of kneading and tapping). In addition, you can select from four back courses – choose from Whole Back, Thoracic, Cervical, and Lumbar – to provide relief in the area you need it the most. The back rollers can also be manually adjusted to pinpoint and focus on a specific area of your back. All programming can be set and adjusted from the easy-to-use VFD display or infrared sub remote control. Programs can be timed from 5 to 30 minutes, adjustable in 5 minute increments.

A motorized backrest and footrest allow the chair to be reclined or inclined at the press of a button. The backrest and footrest can operated both simultaneously or independently. The footrest can be extended an extra four inches for longer legs and the front can also tilt up to 90 degrees to put your feet at the most comfortable angle. Adjust the massage roller to be wider or narrower to best fit each body type and change the intensity level to meet your preference. Reflexology, traction, heat, and air pressure can be used to stimulate and soothe the hips, lower body, feet, and arms and hands as needed. Whether the chair is applying pressure, heat, or vibrations, you will be sure to find a program to alleviate soreness, aches, and general pains in your muscles and joints. No matter where you hurt, this massage chair is sure to provide a program for what ails you.

To put you in a deeper relaxed state, the chair also utilizes the power of music therapy. An MP3 player is built directly into the chair and also includes a set of headphones. Professional masseuses often incorporate sound to put you in a state of serenity and this massage chair does the same. Compatible with Windows 2000/XP, the MP3 player allows you to listen to your favorite tunes during your massage. Download songs into the chair with the included USB music stick, put on your headphones, set your desired program, and let the chair melt away the stresses and tension of life while you enter a state of utter bliss. Read more

Conveniently Add Low Cost Lighting to Wherever you Need It!

GE 17438 Battery-Operated Oval LED Touch Lights, 3-PackConveniently add lighting to wherever you need it! This General Electric 3-pack of oval touch controlled LED’s are versatile and very effective in providing the right amount of light from such a compact device. Simply touch the face of the LED module to turn the light On or Off. Place these in multiple locations around the house or use them all in the same spot. A magnetic back is provided for attaching to or hanging from metal surfaces. This could be incredibly useful during a power outage or failure providing a means to check your breaker box or other electrical enclosures, hands-free. What’s more, you will have a device to provide stationary lighting or take it with you using the LED as a flashlight. Keyholes on the back of the oval housing allow users to mount the device to walls, ceilings, under cabinets, inside closets, and more. The fact that it uses LED’s instead of halogen, fluorescent or incandescent means this utility light is much more efficient and will last much longer without having to be replaced. Not only will it add convenience, and safety it will only cost pennies a year to use and operate. Using these in place of your standard 120VAC lighting, when possible, can really add up to some incredible savings! This LED light is battery-operated and requires 2x “AA” batteries (sold separately). Read more

Send an Alert to Your Z-Wave Network Whenever Water, Freezing Temperatures, or a Low-Battery Condition is Detected

DynaQuip Controls ZWCFS1 Z-Wave WaterCop Wireless Water and Freeze Alarm



This Z-Wave enabled Wirelss Water and Freeze Alarm monitors your home 24-hours a day for leaking pipes, corroded water heaters, fixtures in bathrooms and laundry rooms, automatic water and ice dispensers, and other appliances that could cause water damage. Upon the detection of water or freezing temperatures, this device will send out a water leak alert on our Z-Wave nertwork. The ZWCFS1 sensors are much more effective at protecting your home against water damage when used with a WaterCop Z-Wave Automatic Shut-Off Valve (Sold Separately), but not needed. Using the ZWCFS1 that has not been included with a Z-Wave network will still notify you of leaks (audible alarm does not sound for temperature alerts) using the audible alarm. This unit is battery powered and will send an alert throughout the Z-Wave network at regular intervals when a low-battery condition, in addition, an audible “chirp” will sound to alert you of a low battery within the water and freeze alarm.

Built into this sensor is a 85 decibel siren. This siren will sound an 82 decibel audible alarm and will send an alert message to the Z-Wave network (If already included in a Z-Wave network). Pressing and performing a 2-second hold on the Program switch will clear the Water Alarm. When freezing temperatures are detected an alert message is sent to the Z-Wave network. No audible alert will occur. With a Z-Wave gateway or the appropriate web-enabled Z-Wave controller, you will be able to check the status of this sensor remotely as well as receive text message via smartphone or email messages whenever an alert is sent. Install this sensor under sinks, next to sump pumps, water heaters, laundry rooms, bathroom floor, storage area, garage, utility sink, vacation/recreation homes, boats, etc. Read More

Wireless Weather Forecast Station with Clock and Calendar

La Crosse Technology WS-9250U-IT Wireless Weather Forecast Station with Digital Clock




  • Weather forecast function
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature readings
  • Calculates sun rise/set for 99 pre-selected cities
  • Day, month and date calendar
  • Hang on a wall or use free standing


The La Crosse Wireless Weather Forecast Station is an all-in-one device that offers up a plethora of helpful information. Some of the handy features of it are the ability to calculate sunrise and sunset, provide indoor/outdoor temperature readings, moon phase, weather forecast, calendar and digital clock.

The Wireless Weather Forecast Station comes pre-set with the ability to calculate the sunrise and sunset for 99 North American cities (which are listed on the last page of the PDF manual below). It can provide outdoor temperature readings in a range from -39°F to 139°F and indoor readings from 14°F to 139°F. In the bottom left hand corner of the LCD screen the weather forecast for the day will be shown via a visual representation such as a sun with a cloud over it if it is going to be partly cloudy. The time is displayed digitally and also includes an alarm clock function and the calendar provides the day, month and year. The Weather Station has a kick stand-like back to prop it up if displayed free standing or it can be hung on the wall via its hanging hole on the back. This Weather Station is battery powered and requires 2 AA batteries while the wireless sensor requires 2 AAA batteries. Read More