Eliminate fumbling for a switch in a dark closet

Functional Devices CLC212 10A Closet Light Controller

  • On/off status is determined by the opening or closing of a variety of switches
  • Excellent for new construction

Functional Devices’ CLC212 makes your life easier by automatically turning on a light when you open your closet or another door. This simple-to-install unit is designed to switch a lighting load (ON/OFF) determined by the opening or closing of a variety of switches (door jam switches, magnetic switches, ball switches, etc). Perfect for new construction, this UL listed unit needs no transformer and connects to the relay using light 18 AWG wire. This 10 Amp device operates on any device from 120 Vac to 277 Vac. Read more

Cut Your Cooking Time Down By Using an Automated Stirring Device

KitchenStir KS1000 Chef Stir Pan

  • Simple to use and easy to clean
  • Stirring facilitates heat transfer to reduce cooking time
  • OFF / ON / AUTO stir control
  • Temperature control and steam management
  • Reduces cooking fumes and splashing

The KitchenStir KS1000 Chef Stir Pan offers a new, simpler way of cooking traditional and familiar recipes! You’ll be able to prepare healthy, delicious foods in three easy steps. Simply load your ingredients, set the temperature and stir mode and then cook and serve. You can set it to slow cook, simmer, and sauté or stir fry. The automated stir control adjustment allows for you to determine your preferred cooking technique, reducing your cooking time. By sealing the ingredients in, the combined steaming and stirring action reduces the food splashing and fumes you get with traditional looking techniques. Read more

Get Rid of Germs in Your Home in Less Than 10 Seconds!

Zadro NANO10 Nano UV Wand Large Area Disinfection ScannerUtilizing the technology that has been used in hospitals for years, this scanner uses UV light to quickly and thoroughly clean and disinfect surfaces. With UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, this scanner kills germs on contact, terminating 99.9% for healthier and safer living conditions. All germs are killed within 10 seconds of contact. The scanner folds out to cover 13 inches of surface area so you can sanitation larger areas faster. Use the scanner in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and more. Or take it with you to sanitize your office or hotel room. Put through rigorous testing, this wand is proven to be extremely effective if used correctly and as directed. A child resistant lock eliminates accidents and damages by preventing unintentional activation. The scanner is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. When the battery starts to run low, a green LED will illuminate to notify you. Use the included AC adapter to fully recharge the unit in less than an hour.
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