Ultra Small Light Virtually Vanishes From Sight!

Cyron CL2002W 2x20 Cabinet LED Lighting System, Daylight WhiteThe Cyron CL2002W 2×20 Cabinet LED Lighting System is perfect for under kitchen cabinets, lighting display cases, and shelving units. Ultra small size virtually vanishes from sight! Less than 1/4″ thin, Less than 1/2″ wide. Two 20″ lightbars hermetically sealed for extreme water resistance, safe to clean with common household cleaners. Linkable for future system expansions. This 12VDC low voltage system makes installation a simple task. The lightbars are in silver for a perfect match to any application.

  • Perfect For Cabinets, Light Display Cases, and Shelving Units
  • 60 Ultra Bright SMT LEDs Per Lightbar
  • 220 Lumens, Daylight White 6500K
  • 120 Degrees Light Dispersion
  • System Operation: 12VDC5W

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Did you know? The Average Keyboard harbors 5 times the Amount of Germs Found in a Public Bathroom!

Green Onions Supply RT-SC01AM Antimicrobal Universal Keyboard CapThat is a shocking and gross statistic! In order to avoid these germs you should always keep hand sanitizer and regularly wash your hands. You should also regularly clean your keyboard. But one great way to keep the bacteria away would be to use a keyboard protector. It is able to take the wear of months of use, but still cost-effective enough that it can be used as a sterile one-time use protector that is then sterilized or thrown out. This kills bacteria, algae, and fungus on the Protector, reducing damage and discoloration and helping to keep it clean. It’s more than thin enough for storing inside closed laptops, so it’s perfect for keyboard protection on the move, from the home, to web-cafes, to the office, or to the clinic.

It has two elastic straps that keep its protective film in place over any laptop keyboard. This TPU film is durable, flexible, and transparent: it’s very easy to type with it in place, but still keeps out spills, bacteria, and other contaminants from your keyboard.

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Putting away your laundry will never seem like a chore again

Quirky SOL-1-WHT SOLO Collapsible Hanger (4-Pack) - WhiteQuirky SOL-1-WHT SOLO Collapsible Hanger (4-Pack) - White

No more weaving the hanger through the bottom of the shirt. No more stretched out collars from trying to insert the hanger from the top of the shirt. With SOLO Collapsible Hangers, shirts can be hung up, in tact, in seconds. Simply collapse the SOLO hanger, insert into the collar, and then expand the hanger. Then, when you are ready to wear the shirt, you will only need one hand to remove it in one swift motion. Just lift off the hanger bar and your shirt will slide right off. Its one-handed use makes the SOLO hanger perfect for those with limited use of one or both of their arms. Made from durable polypropylene plastic, these hangers are made to last, while its smooth contours won’t cause snags in your clothing. You can even take SOLO hangers with you on the go – just collapse the hangers. Their slim and compact design make them fit nicely into luggage, duffle bags, and more. Read more

Control A/V Devices from up to 2,200 Feet Away

MuxLab 500600 IR Remote Extender Kit

  • Allows for control of devices from up to 2,200 feet away
  • Includes IR sensor and emitters
  • Screw terminal blocks allow for pass-thru of other low voltage services
  • Connect via Cat5e/6 cable

This extender kit allows you to add IR remote control for up to four A/V devices over a single Cat5e/6 cable. Devices can be controlled from up to 2,200 feet away. An IR sensor and four IR emitters are included. Three pairs of screw terminals also enable the three unused twisted pairs to be utilized for other low voltage services, such as balanced video, audio or data. Great for use in residential A/V systems, classroom, boardroom, digital signage, medical information systems and more. Read more

Control Your Security System from up to 500 Feet Away

SkylinkHome PR-318S Remote Controllable Plug-In Dimmer with Security Repeater, 300 WattsSkylinkHome’s PR-318S was designed to operate a 300 watt load at 120 volts of alternating current (120VAC) for either incandescent or CFL bulbs. This plug-in dimmer with built in repeater can be paired to a max of 16 transmitter controllers. To use this device simply plug the PR-318 into an ordinary AC outlet, then plug in the device you wish to control. Once this has been done you will need pair the plug-in dimmer to a transmitter controller using the programming instructions in the owner’s manual. After the device is properly installed and programmed you will be able to wirelessly turn on and off, or dim and brighten lights powered by the plug-in from a variety of SkylinkHome transmitters. This dimmer can also convert your transmitter’s signals to operate a Skylink Total Protection Security System, Skylink Home Smart Center, or Skylink AAA+ Home Smart Center. Add more wireless hand-held remote controllers, or motion sensors to your system for flexibility, security, and comfort.

  • No installation
  • Can convert transmitter commands to control Skylink security systems
  • On/Off and Dimming Function
  • Works with incandescent and dimmable CFL bulbs
  • 3 operating modes
  • Wireless 500 foot range
  • Use of built-in repeater optional
  • Countdown timer

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Easily Wrap, Organize and Identify Cords and Cables in a Compact Storage Device

Dotz, LLC CWA503W Dotz Cord Wrap, WhiteDotz Cord Wraps and accessories are a fun and simple way to instantly organize those unsightly cords and cables. Easy-to-use: just wrap it and snap it! This innovative and portable design is a colorful way to finally conquer your unruly cords forever! Perfect for organizing standard power cords, USB cords, phone line, and much more. It has a one-piece portable design that features a hinged lid with a snap tab front, round cut-outs on each side for threading cord and a plastic T-shape in center for wrapping excess cord. Additionally, there is a clear removable clip and a clear suction cup which clip to back of cord wrap allowing you to mount the device securely. Lastly, a paper punch-out is included; simply write on the paper punch-out and place in cord identifier for easy cord identification at any time.
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