Illuminate Your Yard With Solar Power

Solar Powered Torch Lamp

  • Charges by day, illuminates by night
  • No wiring necessary – easy assembly
  • Eco-friendly – runs on renewable energy
  • Bright amber LED will last for years

Easily illuminate your yard with the Solar Powered Torch Lamp. No wires to run or on and off switches to worry about. The Solar Powered Torch Lamp runs off of inexhaustible solar power and will automatically turn on at nightfall and off at dawn. Intended for outdoor use, the Solar Powered Torch Lamp is both weatherproof and waterproof. Sprinklers, rain, and even snow will have no adverse effects on the operation. You do however, need to keep the solar panel free of debris accumulation (snow, leaves, lawn clippings, etc.) or the battery will not be able to charge in the sunlight. Read more

Rotating Fiber Optic Star Light with Nature Sounds

Can You Imagine 1256 StarLight Fiber Optic Floor Model with Nature Sounds

  • Amazing multi-colored fiber optic light and sound show
  • 29 different lighting effects
  • 6 built-in nature sounds or new age music environments
  • 4 different speed controls
  • Completely wireless with removable legs

Have you ever wanted to relax to the beautiful sight of a fiber optic light show while listening to the soothing sounds of nature? Thanks to the StarLight, you can. Prepare to enjoy this fiber optic light and sound show with over 29 different lighting effects and 6 different nature or new age music environments. Prefer to bring your StarLight somewhere else? With the removable legs and wireless capability, the StarLight can be easily taken anywhere or displayed on a tabletop. The StarLight can also be set to respond to sounds or music to give all onlookers a truly unique light show experience. StarLight requires the use of three AA batteries which are not included with the purchase. Read more

Innovative, Intelligent, and Reliable Digital Deadbolt

Product Title (In box)
The Samsung EZON SHS-3120XMK is the slim, elegant solution to your deadbolt needs. Whether you need it for your home or business, the peace of mind provided by a deadbolt is invaluable. This item features access via both keypad and RFID card reader, and provides a number of additional features to boost security levels. With up to 70 possible users and an access override feature, you can set up the SHS-3120xmk to meet any requirement.

  • Better Security Options

The SHS-3120 includes features that solve many problems of traditional and PIN-style deadbolts. Random security codes prevent wear on commonly-pressed keypad digits and the Nightlock feature allows a person on the inside to prevent access to all parties, even authorized users. The system powers off for three minutes following five invalid password entries, and in the event of a power failure the unit stays locked.

The 70 possible users on the system can be given unique passwords, added or removed individually. The included Magnetic Sensor Automatic Locking Feature locks the door two seconds after you close it, providing an extra level of ease and an added stage of security.

  • The door can be opened with a card.

The door can be opened with a card fit for support standard as well as a card contained in the product (Support for the ISO14443A-Type, Up to 70 including the password can be registered).

  • The door can also be opened with a password.

Once the user’s password is registered, the door can be opened without a key by entering the registered password. (Up to 70 including cards can be registered)

  • The door does not have to be locked manually.

Using the automatic locking function, the door is automatically locked when it closes, eliminating the need to lock it manually.

  • Double locking function adds security.

The double locking function adds security by preventing the door from being opened from outside at night or at times when extra security is needed.

  • Pranks played by children and juveniles can be prevented.

When an unregistered card is used, or when an invalid password is entered 5 or more times consecutively, an alarm sound is generated and power to the lock is automatically cut off for three minutes.

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Don’t Spread Germs When Reaching for a Paper Towel

Towel-Matic II® Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers feature an scanning panel that tightly grabs on to towel to ensure effortless towel tearing and guarantees the rolls never unravel.

Towel-Matic II has a built-in optical scanner that identifies the perforations on the paper towel and stops right at the perforated line every time, making tearing towel sheets easy and mess free. It is easy to pre-set any brand and dispensing length desired. It is powered by 4 C size batteries that can last up to one year or 100 rolls of standard 80-sheet towels. Optional AC adaptor is available. It is designed for table top, wall mount or under cabinet mount. Brackets sold separately.

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Give Your Elderly and Disabled Loved Ones Independence, and Give Yourself Peace of Mind with this Emergency Response System

Visonic 0-100729 AMBER SELECTx Wireless Emergency Response System



The AMBER SELECTx can be used as the emergency communication center of your system. Using the included pendant transmitter or other optional detectors/transmitters, you can wirelessly contact a Monitoring Center (activation sold separately) or a private phone number of a friend or relative to report the emergency event. The waterproof PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) pendant wireless transmitter lets you signal to the AMBER SELECTx from anywhere in your home when you need emergency assistance. It can be activated by simply pushing its red button to place an emergency call or answer an incoming call. A total of 29 wireless sensors, sold separately, can be used with this system. The main unit allows for two-way voice communication and has a built-in speakerphone for hands-free communication making it easy to place an outgoing or receiving an incoming call if you are unable to reach the phone. Both the central station and any person to whom the unit is dialing can perform a number of actions using the AMBER SELECTx unit including but not limited to: speaker ON, microphone OFF, microphone ON, speaker OFF, Increase speaker volume, Decrease speaker volume, Trouble announcement and Trouble stop. A HHCPC (Home Health Care Personal Computer) software CD has also been included to make setup up easy and allow for remote access to your system (if connected to a modem), providing a remote diagnostic and event log. The AMBER SELECTx is ideal for seniors, those with a disability, or anyone who wants to add increased safety and well-being of individuals within their home.  Read More