Roll Your TV Around With Ease

medialifTV RMDSPRGS Medium Spider Rover with Rotacaster Wheels - Galvanized SteelThis Spider Rover can be used with any medium front or rear mount medialifTV enclosure, putting it on a rolling cart for ease of mobility. Once the enclosure is mounted, the Spider Rover will hold the enclosure in a freestanding, upright position. Then you can easily move your media center from location to location. The multi-directional rotacaster wheels make moving your enclosure completely hassle-free. Unlike swivel wheels, the rotacaster wheels all work in unison. Swivel wheels each work independently and can sometimes turn in opposite directions, especially on inclined or uneven surfaces. But the rotacaster wheels are stationary, ensuring the cart will smoothly and efficiently move in the desired direction. With the Spider Rover, you can take your media center on the go, perfect for trade shows, presentations, parties, barbeques, tailgating, and many more occasions. Read more

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