Ultra Modern Freestanding Design Features Dancing Flames for All to Enjoy

Nu-Flame NF-F2TIO Tizzo Freestanding FireplaceThe Nu-Flame NF-F2TIO Tizzo Freestanding Fireplace makes for a great centerpiece to any room. This large, floor fireplace features a chic modern design that will be sure to draw the attention of guests while creating a relaxing environment. The Tizzo has a 1.5 liter stainless steel burner which sits upon a black powder coated base and between two tempered glass safety panels which will enhance and reflect the glowing flame. With a full burner of fuel the Tizzo will provide up to 3 hours of burn time. An included dampener tool makes adjusting the flame height or extinguishing it altogether a safe and easy task. The warm and inviting design of the Tizzo Fireplace will be a gathering point for family and friends to relax and unwind while watching the dancing flames of the fireplace. Assembly of this fireplace is hassle free and Nu-Flame suggests that it should take roughly 30 minutes to setup. The Tizzo Fireplace burns liquid bio-ethanol fuel which is not included with the purchase of this fireplace. Nu-Flame bio-ethanol fuel is recommended for use with this Nu-Flame fireplace.
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