Measure and Mix Both Wet and Dry Ingredients with a Single Spoon

Quirky POR-1-CW1 Measure and Mix Cooking SpoonQuirky POR-1-CW1 Measure and Mix Cooking Spoon

  • Measure ingredients by pouring them into the hollow, clear plastic handle
  • Lines within spoon also allow for easy measuring
  • Constructed of food-safe plastic and silicone

While the rewards of cooking and baking are worthwhile, the cleanup is a hassle. This innovative spoon helps cut down on dirty dishes, allowing you to measure and mix your ingredients with a single spoon. The spoon is constructed of silicone and food-safe plastic. Measuring lines within the cavity of the spoon indicate a half teaspoon, teaspoon, and tablespoon measurements. The hollow, clear plastic handle can also double as a measuring cup for wet or dry ingredients up to ¼ of a cup. A locking silicone spout at the end of the handle prevents spills but also opens wide for easier pouring. With its integrated measuring tools, this spoon performs double duties for faster, more efficient cooking and cleanup. Read more

Weatherproof Outdoor Connection Box Keeps Your Electrical Devices Safe and Dry

P3 International Q1126 SockitBox Outdoor Power Connection Box

  • Weatherproof to IP55
  • Holds timers, power strips, etc.
  • Weatherproof cable exits
  • Makes a great project box

With the innovative SOCKiTBOX™ you’ll never have to worry about using power strips and timers outdoors again. Its unique sealing lid keeps temporary connections safe and dry with a water resistant design. It is incredibly easy to use, lightweight, and portable. Use it year round for all those times when you want peace of mind when using electricity outdoors. Applications include holiday lighting, pond pumps and lights, water features, outdoor projects, and job site connections. Also useful as a project box.

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Smarthome Tip: Save Energy and Save $$

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, appliances account for 17% of your household’s energy consumption. Make sure you keep your costs low by reducing the amount of standby power your appliances use.

    • One way to save money is making sure your TV is completely off!P3 International P4150 Save A Watt TV Standby Killer

Plug your TV into the Save A Watt and eliminate all power consumption while it’s not being used. Uses your normal TV remote to turn your TV all the way off – no standby power drain. Plug your subwoofer into it and have your sound system’s remote turn the sub truly off when you’re not shaking the floor. Aside from saving energy and money, you also remove a potential shock or fire hazard.

  • Also, stop wasting energy (and money) on phantom or vampire losses while you’re not using your appliances.

P3 International P4190 Save A Watt Phantom Power Indicator

Plug any device into the Save A Watt and learn how much electricity it consumes while it is idle – so-called “phantom” loads. It is estimated that a cell phone charger wastes 85% of all the energy consumed during its lifetime. Find which devices you have that consume electricity when not being used. How much does your TV eat up while you’re at work?

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Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Ultra Modern Freestanding Design Features Dancing Flames for All to Enjoy

Nu-Flame NF-F2TIO Tizzo Freestanding FireplaceThe Nu-Flame NF-F2TIO Tizzo Freestanding Fireplace makes for a great centerpiece to any room. This large, floor fireplace features a chic modern design that will be sure to draw the attention of guests while creating a relaxing environment. The Tizzo has a 1.5 liter stainless steel burner which sits upon a black powder coated base and between two tempered glass safety panels which will enhance and reflect the glowing flame. With a full burner of fuel the Tizzo will provide up to 3 hours of burn time. An included dampener tool makes adjusting the flame height or extinguishing it altogether a safe and easy task. The warm and inviting design of the Tizzo Fireplace will be a gathering point for family and friends to relax and unwind while watching the dancing flames of the fireplace. Assembly of this fireplace is hassle free and Nu-Flame suggests that it should take roughly 30 minutes to setup. The Tizzo Fireplace burns liquid bio-ethanol fuel which is not included with the purchase of this fireplace. Nu-Flame bio-ethanol fuel is recommended for use with this Nu-Flame fireplace.
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Has the Air Been a Bit Dry Lately in Your Home? A Whole-House Humidifier Should Fix That.

Thermomist Humidifier

Dry air can be uncomfortable to breathe and dry out wooden furniture excessively. It also causes an increase in static levels which is especially bad if you like tinkering with electronic devices. Dry air can also cost you more in heating bills because it feels colder than humid air at the same temperature. When you add humidity to your home you can actually feel warmer at 68 degrees than you do at 75 degrees, saving as much as 15% in heating costs. Read More