Keep Your Pets at a Healthy Weight by Managing Their Meal Portions

Lava Electronics AF-100 QPets Large Capacity Automatic Pet Feeder



No need to rush to be home at a certain time to ensure your four-legged friend is fed – let this automatic pet feeder do it for you. Program the feeder to administer the desired portions at the times you choose, up to four times daily. Portions can range from ¼ cup to 2.5 cups, making the feeder suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes or feeding multiple pets at once. The feeder also allows you to record personal messages for your pets that will playback when food is dispensed to alert them of meal times.

With its smart sensor, the feeder will only release food if the feeding tray is cleared to prevent overloading. And you won’t have to worry about your pet tampering with the feeder and sneaking additional food. Its locking lid and food hopper will ensure your pets only get the amount of food you’ve designated for them. Holding up to 45 cups of food with a programming schedule of up to 90 days, this feeder is low-maintenance and ideal for long weekends or vacations. The food hopper and feeding tray detach for easy cleaning and sanitation. This feeder requires four D batteries, sold separately. A low battery indicator will let you know when the batteries should be replaced to keep the feeder functioning properly and your pets fed. Read More

Want an HD Screen in Your Backyard, But Don’t Want it Destroyed by the Rain? Your Solution: A Water-Resistant LCD HD Flatscreen

Nanov Display NILT320WR 32



  • P56 Rating – Rain Proof, Dust Proof and Salt Water Proof
  • Anti Glare laminated tempered glass
  • Auto Brightness Control
  • Anti-Violet Coating to increase contrast ratio
  • Opertating Temperature: 0° C ~ 45° C
  • VESA 200mm Wall Mount
  • HDMI Input and RS-232C Control


The corrosive effects of water and the outdoor elements limit the amount of exposure a standard monitor can take. However, with the 32″ Outdoor Water-Resistant Sunlight Viewable LCD HDTV Monitor by Nanov Display, you can now watch and listen to your favorite movies or programs almost anywhere. This product can be used in rainy, wet, damp or steamy conditions without the worry of deterioration over time. You can feel comfortable mounting one on your patio, by your pool and spa, or even installing one on your boat. The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen has connections available to support a multitude of devices, from an HDTV receiver, cable box, DVD player or gaming system. Also include is a waterproof IR remote control. Manufactured to high weatherproofing and safety standards, it is designed to entertain at home, in the backyard, or on the boat. This 2010 model features a Dual Anti Reflection coating and enhanced contrast ratio for better visibility under daylight. Read More

Combination Lamp and Speaker will Set the Mood for any Occasion

Audiovox Acoustic Research AW851 Main Street Style Lamp with Outdoor Wireless Speaker - Black

  • 2-way speaker design with high-performance weather resistant drivers
  • 2-inch tweeter, 3-inch woofer, 5 Watt RMS
  • frequency response: 40Hz-15kHz
  • Auto-lock PLL tuning ensures crystal clear reception up to 150-feet
  • Operates from existing AC outlet box (requires installation)
  • Three selectable broadcast frequencies
  • Stereo audio input
  • Compatible with iPhone/iPod


Turn your music inside out! Bring your indoor music outdoors with the help of the AW851 Main Street Style lamp with built in wireless speaker by Acoustic Research (AR). The AR outdoor wall lamp with built in wireless speaker offers light and sound together in a stylish fully weatherproof design. You can replace your existing outdoor lighting with the AW851. Each lamp uses a standard 40 watt bulb with a separate switch for the lamp. The wireless speaker and lamp operate from existing AC outlet box and requires installation. The system can be expanded with multiple units (sold separately) to enhance both your outdoor lighting and sound experience. This is an ideal way to welcome your guests to your home with seasonal music, whether it is Halloween or the Fourth of July. The speaker has crystal clear reception up to 150 feet, and is compatible with iPhone and iPod. The speaker/receive features auto-lock tuning, 2 way acoustic design, 2″ tweeter, 3″ woofer, 5 watt RMS with a frequency response of 40Hz-15kHz. Included is a Left/Mono/Right switch. The transmitter has ALC (automatic level control) 3 selectable broadcast frequencies, and a stereo audio input. The 150 foot range may vary based on each placement environment.  Read More

Finally, a Garage Door Remote to Attach to Your Car Keys

Garage Door Remote Control Kit




  • Simple installation
  • Rolling code technology
  • SmartButton receives signal from remote control and opens/closes garage door
  • Optional password protection


Now you can add the convenience of a keychain remote control to nearly any garage door opener. The receiver simply clips to your existing wiring both for control and for its power. Skylink’s Easy Clip makes this connection really simple – just position the existing control wire inside the clip and snap it closed! With additional GB-318 SmartButton Receivers, you can program the transmitter’s buttons to open individual garage doors. For additional security, program the transmitter to require a password. Installation on some older garage door openers may require a 12VDC 100mA power supply with a 3.5mm barrel plug. The transmitter runs on one CR2032 lithium coin cell battery (included). Add an additional transmitter for each family member. Read More

Convert Data on Cat5 Cables to Fiber Optic, and Extend up to 1.25 Miles

Level One FVT-4002 10/100 TX/100FX Media Converter ST Multi

  • UTP-to-fiber media conversion
  • Auto-negotiation speed in half/full duplex mode
  • TX port supports auto MDI/MDI-X crossover
  • Built-in smart link error detection technology
  • Hot swappable

If your network contains a mix of Cat5/Cat6 and fiber optic conductors, you need this media convertor. In addition to translating from copper to fiber, the media convertor also boosts the signal to give you up to 1.25 miles (2 km). Its RJ45 input port supports full and half duplex switch connectivity and MDI/MDI-X auto crossover, and smart link fault pass-through technology enables the switch to shut down data transmission when the link connection fails. Read more

Make the Most of Each Workout by Monitoring Your Pulse Via an iPhone or iPod Touch

Scosche IPTM myTREKTake your workouts to the next level with the myTREK armband from Scosche. With the myTREK armband users will get real-time pulse readings and audio prompts while working out to help guide intensity levels. They will also be able to track calories burned, distance traveled, speed, workout duration, progress relative to goals and even map out a running or biking route. This is beneficial because it lets the user know when they are not pushing themselves hard enough as well as when they are over-training. By monitoring intensity levels users can make sure they are working hard enough to achieve training goals and stay motivated by seeing results.

The myTREK armband is able to connect to an iPhone or iPod Touch wirelessly via Bluetooth which means bulky chest straps and wires for measuring a pulse are a thing of the past. The armband contains dual LED optical sensors which send light into the skin and are able to provide a pulse reading while on the move. The way this works is that the myTREK assesses how much light gets through the skin and how much is reflected back to its optical sensor. This then gives an indication of the oxygen saturation of the blood and the frequency of the blood flow from the heart and lungs. Thousands of these readings are taken over several seconds and the myTREK is able to give a pulse reading using algorithms designed to calculate the data. The armband also comes with a remote control pad that will allow the user to control their music because it is connected through Bluetooth. A lithium-ion battery powers the myTREK and gives it up to 5 hours of workout time when fully charged and is easily recharged via an included USB charging cable. Working out around your home? Because the myTREK connects via Bluetooth users can workout up to 33ft away from their phone or iPod Touch and still have data readings sent to it for tracking. Read more