Constantly monitor for accumulating moisture

DynaQuip Controls WCLS 3/4 WaterCop LeakStop Single Point Detection and Automatic Shut-Off, 3/4-InchDynaQuip Controls, maker of the WaterCop and proven leader in household leak protection, has developed a new way to prevent floods and other water damage in your home. DynaQuip’s new WaterCop LeakStop System will detect water leaks and moisture accumulation at a single location and will automatically shut off the water supply to prevent extensive water damage from destroying your home. The WaterCop LeakStop system is designed for a plumbing supply line installation. This should be upstream of the appliance or area you wish to monitor. Place the two sensor probes in an area most likely to be reached by accumulating water if a leak were to occur, most commonly from a water heater. This system is ideal for water heaters which are known for being vulnerable to leaks as they become older. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, It is a fact that nearly 8-million homeowners will replace failing water heaters each year.

The LeakStop system will constantly monitor the user selected areas for moisture and close the valve as soon as moisture is detected. The valve can be manually opened and closed independent of leaks by pushing the open and close soft touch buttons located on the front of the actuator. A brass ball valve is used to prevent clogging within the valve. Two moisture sensors are attached to the electrical control box for placing around the area or appliance you would like to monitor. When activated, this valve will stay closed until it has been manually reset. Available in a variety of different sizes, these systems pay for themselves after the first activation. Read more

Customize Your Doorbell Instantly and Without Any Installation

Can You Imagine 8625 Recordable Party Doorbell



  • Includes doorbell, “Out of Order” sign, and one 12V battery
  • Sound unit works up to 100 feet away from doorbell
  • Multiple pre-programmed ring settings
  • Voice recording option
  • Download favorite MP3 as a ring option


Imagine being able to change your existing doorbell instantly and without any installation. With Can You Imagine’s Recordable Party Doorbell you can do just that. The Recordable Party Doorbell comes pre-programmed with 6 Christmas songs, 3 New Year’s songs, 8 Halloween songs, 4 custom sounds, and a traditional chime. The Recordable Party Doorbell was created to temporarily replace your existing doorbell for fun occasions such as parties, pranks, family gatherings or any time you want to create a fun time.

You can record from your MP3/MP4 player or you can even record your own voice – just push and hold the record button – say anything you want your guests to hear as they enter your home. You can also record sounds from your favorite sporting events such as an announcer calling a great play. The possibilities are endless. This product requires the use of one A23 battery and four C batteries. Read More

Double-Edge Wiper Blades are Designed to Scrape Away the Solid Crud Blocking Your View

Your present windshield wipers just don’t work as well as they could in getting crud off the glass. You press the washer button and squirt fluid on the windshield, and your wipers move back and forth to clear away the water, but that bird mess is still there right in your vision. The new Scrubblade wipers are a revolution in wiper technology, first because there are actually two rubber blades to give double the cleaning power. Second, the edge of the rubber is lined with tiny scrubbing triangles designed to cut the solid goo that blocks your vision. Sold individually, so measure your existing wipers and order as needed. Don’t forget the rear window! Read More