Offers the Ultimate Level of Performance Available for HDMI

Cmple 975-N 28AWG High Speed HDMI Cable, 3 Feet - Red



This cable is so advanced – it supports all versions of HDMI, including the newest features but also includes extra bandwidth for future HDMI enhancements and requirements. Perfect for theaters with multiple HDMI devices or rack components, this cable is available in a variety of colors to best fit your needs. Ferrite cores filter out noise to enhance signal integrity. Line interference caused by stray RF signals is also reduced by the cable’s ferrite magnets. Its gold-plated connectors resist corrosion and offer optimal signal transfer with lower distortion at the point of contact for better sound and picture quality. You will be able to connect your HDMI-enabled sources to various receivers and displays. The cable supports standard, enhanced, or high definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio from a single connection. The audio return channel feature sends signals both ways along the wires so you will not need a separate audio cable.

Additional color spaces are supported, including sYCC601 Color, Adobe RGB Color, and Adobe YCC601 Color in addition to RGB color and x.v. Color. With a wider palette of colors, you will be able to see a full range of colors for an enhanced viewing experience. The cable also supports video resolutions beyond 1080p, allowing it to be used with next-generation displays so you will not have to upgrade the cables when you bring on newer displays. With the built-in 4K x 2K support, the cable represents resolutions of 3840×2160 and 4096×2160. Read More

Experience an ever-changing spectrum of light with Water Colors

Can You Imagine 2930 Water Colors Light & Sound SculptureWater Colors Sculpture provides a visual and musical experience that will provide non-stop entertainment. Utilizing advanced LED technology, the glass sphere reflects color and light to create dramatic glowing or strobing light effect. It will even project colored light onto the ceiling making it a must for party environments. The Water Colors Sculpture includes eleven built-in lighting functions, and 6 unique nature sounds which operate in sync with the lighting effects. This product requires the use of three AA batteries which are not included with the purchase of the product.

  • Amazing light & sound sculpture
  • 6 different nature music environments
  • Wireless capability allows it to be used anywhere
  • Runs off of 3 AA batteries

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How To: Set up a Garage Door Monitor

Is your garage door safely closed? Are you sure?

Without having to rush through the house to get a good look at the largest door to your home, now you can be assured that the door is down with the Universal Garage Door Monitor, which uses a door-mounted sensor for accurate assessment of the garage door’s status. When the garage is opened, the sensor automatically sends a signal to the monitor, which can be plugged into any convenient location in your home for instant peace of mind.

Chamberlain CLDM1 Universal Garage Door Monitor

The Universal Garage Door Monitor works with any overhead garage door. Mount the sensor to the back of your garage door with the included Velcro strip. When the door opens, the sensor moves into the horizontal position and sends a signal to the monitor that the door is open. The monitor then provides simple, visual cues to indicate your garage door’s status: When the light flashes red, the door is open; when the green light is on, the door is closed.

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Don’t buy More Printers – Use this Network Print Server to Share

Level One FPS-1032 Mini Print Server w/ 1 USB 2.0 port

  • USB print server for network print sharing
  • High-speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Fast Ethernet network connectivity
  • Easy setup wizard included
  • Web-based user interface
  • Supports multiple OSs, printing protocols

Do you have a black and white laser printer for most tasks and a color one for jobs needing expensive color prints? And of course, people need to use whichever printer is not close to the computer they’re using. Don’t keep buying printers, just add this print server to your network. Outputs to one parallel port and two USB-port printers. Comes with a web-based utility to manage your print queue. Read more

Make All Your Music Equipment Wireless

EOS Wireless EOSC200TX Converge Wireless Stereo Audio ReceiverThe Eos Converge Wireless Receiver is extremely versatile, it lets you play all your music, all over your house, on the audio equipment that already exists in your home; Home Theater Receiver, Stereo System, Powered Speakers, and much more. With Eos Auto-Link, just turn the Eos Converge Receiver on and it is instantly part of your Eos Wireless System. The Eos Converge Receiver gives you uncompromised audiophile sound quality that is comparable to most wired solution.

With the Eos Converge Transmitter, (sold separately) connected on a computer (with iTunes or other software based media player) the Eos Converge Receiver allows you to play/pause skip tracks forward or back, or control your system remotely using an iPhone or iPod Touch and Apple’s free Remote application.

All Eos products feature the legendary GigaWave wireless technology giving you the ability to broadcast Wi-Fi friendly, interference-free music over 150 feet, through walls floors ceiling and doors, inside or out. Best of all Eos does not require a WiFi network or a mind-bending complex set up, you just plug it in and the Eos system plays.
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Turn Your iPod or iPhone Earbuds into Loud Speakers for All to Hear

Tembo Trunks TTWhite Portable MP3 Player Headphone Speaker Amplifiers, Ruby Red (Pair)

Thought of and designed while traveling through the rugged terrain of the African continent, the Tembo Trunks collapsible silicone earbud cones are the perfect solution to sharing your iPod’s music without having to carry around bulky speakers. By using simple horn acoustics, the Tembo Trunks amplifies the sound from your iPod’s earbuds to 80dB of clarity enhanced stereo sound. This simple, yet brilliant, design is ideal for sharing music in a casual setting. While they are not designed for party settings or anywhere you would like to listen to music to loudly, the Tembo Trunks are perfect for traveling, camping, enjoying a day at the beach, in your bedroom, hotel room, office, or anywhere else where you don’t want to where earphones but still would like to enjoy some tunes.

Tembo Trunks do not require any batteries nor do they require a power cord to work. All you need is an iPod or iPhone and the white earbuds that come with them. Traditional speakers consist of potentially damaging metals, toxins, plastics, glues, and batteries that can be considered environmental hazards if not manufactured or recycled properly and responsibly. Made from 100% non oil based, high-grade silicone rubber (which the manufacturer agrees that this may not be the greenest product ever) the Tembo Trunks require no assembly, are designed to last and could potentially be considered a better alternative to traditional speakers. You never have to worry about blowing out your Tembo Trunks and have to purchase expensive replacements. Read More