Add More Computers to Your Network with this High-Speed 5-Port Ethernet Switch

Level One GSW-0507 5-port Gigabit Desktop/Wall Mount Switch


  • Expand your network beyond your router’s capabilities
  • Auto MDI/MDI-X for each port
  • Supports full duplex transfer mode for 1000Mbps
  • Supports 8K absolute MAC addresses
  • Supports 128KBytes RAM for data buffering
  • Supports IEEE 802.3x full-duplex / half-duplex backpressure flow control
  • Supports 9KB Jumbo Frames
  • Supports IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet
  • Wall mount kit included




If your broadband router doesn’t have enough ports for all your computers, you need to add a swtich to your network. Add up to 4 computers to your network with this 5-port Ethernet switch. Connect your boradband router to any of the 5 RJ45 ports, and use the rest to connect computers. With its non-blocking switching fabric in full-duplex mode, this switch can deliver up to 2000Mbps per port, while the Store-and-Forward service brings low latency and error-free packet delivery. This highperformance Gigabit Ethernet switch is perfect for fulfilling the demands of online gaming and multimedia streaming. Comes with wall mount kit and AC adapter. Read More

Use Less Soap and Remove Scale from Your Pipes

The ClearWave® by Field Controls is a revolutionary product that conditions hard water without the expense and hassle of salt, chemicals, or traditional hard water systems. The ClearWave attacks hard water particles with electro-magnetic waves, treating the entire water system in your home and helping prevent and reduce hard water problems.

Calcium and magnesium particles tend to stick to each other and any surface they contact, forming layers of hard scale. This scale buildup damages water heater elements and restricts water flow. The ClearWave neutralizes these particles. Once treated by the ClearWave Water Conditioner, calcium and magnesium particles remain in suspension, flowing freely through the system and down the drain.

The ClearWave not only prevents new scale formation, over time it helps break down existing scale, protecting the water heater, pipes, shower heads, and appliances.

The ClearWave is maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, and uses less water than traditional water softeners. The ClearWave works on all types of pipes including copper, PVC, galvanized, and stainless steel.

How the ClearWave® Works
The ClearWave Water Conditioner generates a series of electro-magnetic waves that affect hard water crystals (calcium and magnesium) in water so that they are unable to stick to anything. These enhanced microscopic particles then contact existing scale and cause it to loosen, break down, and flow easily with the water.

A Camera and DVR Disguised as a Stylish, Fully Functioning Clock

Mini Gadgets BB2Clk10 Bush Baby 2 Wall Clock Covert Cam/DVR with 10 Hour BatteryKeep your surveillance very discreet with a hidden camera. This wall clock looks and can be used as a regular time keeping clock but also contains a hidden camera. It records high resolution video to be stored on micro SD cards up to 16GB (sold separately). At 72 degrees, the camera’s viewing angle keeps you aware of most of the room activity. The camera can be set to record like a normal video camera or activate and begin recording when it detects motion. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery records up to 10 hours on a full charge so you record plenty of hours of video. Use the included remote control for easier control of your camera. Signals are not transmitted, so you can be sure no one will accidentally tap into the signal and see your footage.
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Blow it Up or Make it Wide with the Magnetic iPhone Lens

Digital King 000DKWIDE Wide and Macro 3G and 3GS Lens

This ultra versatile and portable 2-in1 Wide and Macro lens transforms your iPhone 3G and 3GS. Now you can easily take wide or close up pictures with ease. Designed in Japan by Toda Seiko using only the highest quality optical glass in the manufacturing process, it assures a higher refractive index. The resulting pictures are truer in colors and higher in resolution. Aluminum casing for the lens offers a very sturdy and light product. The greatest feature with this lens is the safe-to-iPhone magnet mounting system. It effortlessly attaches and detaches from your iPhone 3G or 3GS, allowing you to take the pictures however you see fit!
Digital King 000DKWIDE Wide and Macro 3G and 3GS Lens

  • Versatile 2-in-1 Wide and Macro lens for the iPhone 3G and 3GS
  • Employs a powerful yet safe-to-iPhone magnet for easy and safe mounting
  • Aluminum and the highest quality optical glasses are used in the manufacturing
  • Higher refractive index results in truer colors and higher resolution
  • Designed by Toda Seiko of Japan

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A Fun Outdoor Decorative Lighting Addition to Any Yard

Smart Solar 3568MRM1 Crackled Glass Solar Gazing Ball
The Crackled Glass Solar Gazing Ball from Smart Solar is a fun way to add decorative lighting to a yard without increasing the electricity bill. This Crackled Glass Ball is powered by an integrated solar panel which uses the energy of the sun to recharge its internal batteries so that it can function electricity-free with no operating costs. The ball itself is 8 inches in diameter and sits upon a decorative tabletop base so that it can be displayed upon a flat surface. When the ball is lit up it has 2 lighting options, bright white and chameleon. The bright white option will utilize the dual white LED’s in the ball and keep it lit up with a standard white glow when turned on. The second option is chameleon mode in which the LED’s will cycle through the color spectrum to display a fun variety of colors. Once the lighting mode has been set no more maintenance is needed. The Crackled Glass Solar Gazing Ball will automatically illuminate at night and stay lit for up to 10 hours depending upon how long it was able to charge in the sun during the day. Read more