Avoid Fatigue While Gaming or Listening to Music With This Comfortable Headset

The TekNmotion Intruder Gaming Headset reflects a balance of portability, durability, and superior high-performance sound with deep and soft bass and a beautiful, crystal-clear mid-range. Intruder is custom-designed for a world-class audio experience using two 40mm drivers for PC gaming, music, and iPhone communications. The Intruder’s sleek and comfortable ergonomic design eliminates fatigue from long term wear while providing exceptional noise reduction.

The Intruder allows simple connection for computers via two 3.5mm plugs. It comes with detachable microphones and breakout cables for use with iPad, iPhone, tablet, and PC. Personalize the headset with the included two styles of microphones. The microphones can be used for gaming, VoIP calls, chats, and mobile calls. The in-line volume control with a microphone mute on/off switch allows for quick and on-the-fly access, without the need to mess with software or mobile devices. When not in use, the unique foldable design of the headset allows for easy storage and portability with the included travel bag. Great sound, functionality, and convenience fit into one product!

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Mission Style Lantern Perfect for Outdoor Ambient Lighting

Smart Solar 3960KR1 San Rafael II Solar Mission Lantern
The San Rafael II Solar Mission Lantern from Smart Solar is designed to look like an old missionary lantern and is ideal for providing ambient lighting. The lantern features 2 warm white LED’s at its top plus an included candle which contains 1 amber LED used to provide a glowing effect as if a real candle were burning. A monocrystalline solar panel powers the lantern by using the energy of the sun to recharge its Ni-MH batteries each day. To achieve optimum performance the San Rafael II Lantern should be left in an area that will receive ample sunlight throughout the day. This Solar Lantern offers the option to be hung via its integrated hanging loop at the top of the lantern, easily held for portable use or rested flat on any surface such as a table. A manual on/off switch on the lantern makes it easy to save the battery from wasted use so that it’ll take less time in the sun to fully recharge it. The San Rafael II Solar Mission Lantern also makes for a great emergency light to have handy around the home due to the fact it is charged naturally by the sun during the day to give electricity-free light at night.

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Check on Your Home from Anywhere with Internet Access or on Your Smartphone

Mini Gadgets IPCam2011 True IP Camera with IR LEDs

  • Resolution 640×480
  • View on your smartphone
  • Nightvision from IR LEDs to 33′
  • Pan and tilt

Sends video over your broadband connection, with no PC required after initial setup. View live activity at your home or office over any internet browser or on your smartphone. Log in remotely and control the pan/tilt functions in addition to viewing the video. Connect to your network using Cat5 cable and the RJ45 port, or wirelessly through your 80211b/g WiFi router. The camera can send you an email when an alarm is triggered so you know to check in on the home front. Set alarms for motion detection from an external alarm input. There is a bank of infrared LEDs for clear video even in total darkness. Runs on 5VDC from an AC adapter (included). For indoor installations only. Read more

Are you a fan of lawn gnomes? This gnome is sure to give your guests a friendly greeting!

Smart Solar 3572ARM1 Welcome Gnome Solar Accent Light
Smart Solar’s Welcome Gnome Solar Accent Light is a fun, yet practical, way to spruce up a front yard. The Welcome Gnome features an extended hand to wave to oncoming guests while leaning upon a “welcome” sign which will automatically illuminate at night. The “welcome” sign is illuminated by 2 amber colored, high efficiency LED’s which will do a great job of providing a glowing light to a dark area. A manual on/off switch can also be found on the gnome to turn the lighted sign off prior to the battery running out or the sun coming up. Smart Solar’s Welcome Gnome stands at roughly 14 inches tall and is made of a durable and lightweight resin. A solar panel at the gnome’s base charges the sign’s Ni-MH battery during the daytime making it so there are no operating costs and no wiring needed. When setting up simply make sure to place the gnome in an area of the yard which will receive ample sunlight throughout the course of the day and the Welcome Gnome will do the rest. With a fully charged battery the Welcome Gnome can provide up to 8 hours of glowing light at night.

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Leak Detection System With Automatic Shut-Off Valve Prevents Flooding and Water Damage

DynaQuip Controls WCLS 1/2 WaterCop LeakStop Single Point Detection and Automatic Shut-Off, 1/2-InchDynaQuip Controls, maker of the WaterCop and proven leader in household leak protection, has developed a new way to prevent floods and other water damage in your home. DynaQuip’s new WaterCop LeakStop System will detect water leaks and moisture accumulation at a single location and will automatically shut off the water supply to prevent extensive water damage from destroying your home. The WaterCop LeakStop system is designed for a plumbing supply line installation. This should be upstream of the appliance or area you wish to monitor. Place the two sensor probes in an area most likely to be reached by accumulating water if a leak were to occur, most commonly from a water heater. This system is ideal for water heaters which are known for being vulnerable to leaks as they become older. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, It is a fact that nearly 8-million homeowners will replace failing water heaters each year.

The LeakStop system will constantly monitor the user selected areas for moisture and close the valve as soon as moisture is detected. The valve can be manually opened and closed independent of leaks by pushing the open and close soft touch buttons located on the front of the actuator. A brass ball valve is used to prevent clogging within the valve. Two moisture sensors are attached to the electrical control box for placing around the area or appliance you would like to monitor. When activated, this valve will stay closed until it has been manually reset. Available in a variety of different sizes, these systems pay for themselves after the first activation. Read more

Got a Rat, Mice, or Rodent Problem? Not Anymore!

AgriZap RZUIR1 Rat Zapper Infrared Ultra




  • Breakthrough Infrared Sensing Technology including New Hi-Tech Delivery System
  • Humanely Exterminates Both Mice and Rats!
  • Approx. 2 Years of Battery Life on 4 “D” Batteries
  • Clean and Easy to Operate – 100% Effective
  • Environmentally Preferred – Poison Free!


The new AgriZap RZUIR1 Rat Zapper Infrared Ultra utilizes a revolutionary new infrared detecting system to sense the presence of the mouse, rat or other rodent. A newly designed high tech delivery system, including stainless steel kill pads housed in an aesthetic recycled plastic canister, now offers a 100% humane kill rate with this new model Rat Zapper. The Ultra IR Rat Zapper utilizes 4 “D” Cell Batteries which, in standby mode, will last approximately 2 years or provide 100 kills per battery set. Red and Green indicator lights provide system alerts. Simply bait the Rat Zapper with any dry food as an attractant to the rodent (dry pet food, trail mix, peanuts, etc.), turn the main switch ON (Green light says all systems are GO) and when the rodent enters the Rat Zapper it will be humanely exterminated with a quick but deadly shock – no escapes. Disposal is easy; just tip the Rat Zapper over an appropriate receptacle and you never have to touch or come in contact with a dead mouse or rat again. Simply re-bait, place in an active rodent area, and turn the main switch back ON. It’s that easy and efficient. Read More