A Fun Way to Welcome Guests, Friends and Family

Smart Solar 3569ARM1 Welcome Bear Solar Accent Light



  • 14 inch tall smiling and waving bear
  • “Welcome” sign around neck illuminates at night
  • Solar panel charges 2 amber LED’s during daytime
  • Light will shine for up to 8 hours at night
  • No wiring, no operating costs and simple setup



Smart Solar’s Welcome Bear Solar Accent Light is a fun, yet practical, way to spruce up a front yard. The Welcome Bear features an extended paw to wave to oncoming guests along with a “welcome” sign draped around its neck which will automatically illuminate at night. The “welcome” sign is illuminated by 2 amber colored, high efficiency LED’s which will do a great job of providing a glowing light to a dark area. A manual on/off switch can also be found on the bear to turn the lighted sign off prior to the battery running out or the sun coming up. Smart Solar’s Welcome Bear stands at roughly 14 inches tall and is made of a durable and lightweight resin. A solar panel on the back of the bear charges its Ni-MH battery during the daytime making it so there are no operating costs and no wiring needed. When setting up simply make sure to place the bear in an area of the yard which will receive ample sunlight throughout the course of the day and the Welcome Bear will do the rest. With a fully charged battery the Welcome Bear can provide up to 8 hours of glowing light at night.   Read More

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