An Essential Piece to Your Car’s Emergency Kit

C. Crane COBS CC Solar Observer Wind-up Emergency Radio with AM/FM and Weather Band, Black



The C. Crane CC Solar Observer Radio is compact in size, mid-way between a shirt pocket radio and the full sized CCRadio making it the ideal emergency-style radio to take anywhere. It can powered by the built-in solar panel, winding using the built-in hand crank, through the use of three AA batteries or with a plug-in adapter (batteries and power adapter sold separately). The real idea of this radio however, is to use the solar panel or hand crank as you would be using this radio in and area where power or new batteries are not readily accessible. Typical applications for this radio are for use while traveling, camping or hiking – and it would even be a great source of acquiring information during a black out or power outage. It also has a built-in LED flashlight. You can access AM, FM and Weather Band frequencies and dial it in with a backlit sliding channel panel. Use the radio out loud with the 2.5-inch speaker or you have the option to plug in some headphones. Lastly, included with the Solar Observer are five cell phone adapters* for many popular cell phones and PDA’s so you can charge them anywhere.  Read More

Are You the Ultimate Vacation-Goer? Then You Need This!

RoadPro RPSF5235 12-Volt SnackMaster Deluxe Family Size Cooler/Warmer




  • Shelf can be removed if needed to better utilize space
  • Automatically shuts off to prevent overheating
  • Switch on front panel easily switches between heating and cooling
  • Holds over 18 quarts



Keep your drinks and snacks cooler or warmer longer in the Roadpro Snackmaster 12-Volt family-size insulated cooler/warmer. Simply plug the unit into your 12-Volt DC power supply (cigarette lighter adapter), select the cool or warm function from the front panel switch, and allow the thermo-electric operation to keep your food or beverage at the right temperature while you’re on the road. The sealed hinged lid has a thermal pane window that not only insulates but allows you to view the contents of your SnackMaster. A built-in temperature sensor automatically shuts off to prevent the unit from overheating. Read More

An Electricity-Free and Versatile Outdoor Lighting Option

Smart Solar 3426WRM6-HC Charleston Solar Path Lights, Set of 6 - CopperThe Smart Solar Charleston Solar Path Lights, Set of 6 is a great choice for lighting up a pathway, driveway or garden. Each light is equipped with a photocell sensor to automatically turn on each light at night but they can also be controlled manually via an on/off switch. All 6 lights have an integrated solar panel meaning they are installed wire-free where ever desired with the only catch being that they need to be in the sun during the day to charge. They will not have any added operating costs due to fact they do not need electricity to operate. This makes the Charleston Solar Path Lights more versatile, easier to install and cheaper over the long run than wired-in outdoor lighting. Charleston Solar Path Lights have a run time of up to 8 hours each night. To get a full 8 hours from one of these path lights it is important to ensure setup in an area that receives a large amount of sunlight over the course of the day. The more sunlight each gets the longer it will last come nighttime. Each Charleston Path Light is stainless steel with a copper finish and real glass shade. Read more

A Fun Way to Welcome Guests, Friends and Family

Smart Solar 3569ARM1 Welcome Bear Solar Accent Light



  • 14 inch tall smiling and waving bear
  • “Welcome” sign around neck illuminates at night
  • Solar panel charges 2 amber LED’s during daytime
  • Light will shine for up to 8 hours at night
  • No wiring, no operating costs and simple setup



Smart Solar’s Welcome Bear Solar Accent Light is a fun, yet practical, way to spruce up a front yard. The Welcome Bear features an extended paw to wave to oncoming guests along with a “welcome” sign draped around its neck which will automatically illuminate at night. The “welcome” sign is illuminated by 2 amber colored, high efficiency LED’s which will do a great job of providing a glowing light to a dark area. A manual on/off switch can also be found on the bear to turn the lighted sign off prior to the battery running out or the sun coming up. Smart Solar’s Welcome Bear stands at roughly 14 inches tall and is made of a durable and lightweight resin. A solar panel on the back of the bear charges its Ni-MH battery during the daytime making it so there are no operating costs and no wiring needed. When setting up simply make sure to place the bear in an area of the yard which will receive ample sunlight throughout the course of the day and the Welcome Bear will do the rest. With a fully charged battery the Welcome Bear can provide up to 8 hours of glowing light at night.   Read More