Monitor the Activity of any Room in your Home with this Covert Motion Activated Camera

Mini Gadgets HCOfficePlate Oval OFFICE Namplate Camera/DVR




Many of us have experienced instances where the most obvious place to hide will turn out to be the least obvious place to hide. The validity of this statement is proven with the Oval OFFICE Nameplate Camera/DVR from Mini Gadgets. This is their latest design in hidden cameras. Built into an average looking plaque inscribed OFFICE, this camera is conveniently hidden from those standing around it, in plain sight. Amazingly clear video captures every detail after the motion activation has set the unit into record mode. No need to constantly replace batteries, the built Li-Ion rechargeable battery will keep video flowing while a Micro SD card (sold separately) stores the footage. Read More

Motion Activated LED Light Doubles as an Emergency Flashlight During Power Outages

Coleman Cable 2008 Motion Activated LED Closet / Utility Light

  • 6 super-bright LED’s
  • Motion sensor allows walk-by activation
  • Auto-Off feature turns light off 30 seconds after activation
  • Simply slide out of the wall bracket for use as an emergency flashlight
  • No wiring required for installation
  • Battery operated utility light (3x – AAA batteries sold separately)

Coleman Cable is offering an amazingly useful, new battery-operated closet / utility light, perfect for any indoor location where you find yourself constantly wishing you had more light. Bathrooms, closets, hallways, and garages are all examples of areas around the home where extra or utility lighting can be incredibly useful. This LED light uses a Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor for automatically activating the 8 super-bright LED’s, housed behind the protective lens. Sliding this light out of the wall bracket used for mounting the unit, will allow you to have an emergency flashlight when ever needed. The Coleman Cable LED closet / utility light will provide you and your family extra safety around the home by automatically illuminating areas that are too dark, and providing a form of emergency lighting in the event of a power outage. This item is battery powered and requires no wiring for installation. AAA batteries are sold separately. Read More

Centralizes Connection Points for AC Power, Audio, Video, Data, and Phone

Leviton 690-I 2-Gang Recessed Duplex Receptacle with QuickPort Plate - Ivory



If you ever thought about installing outlet receptacles and audio video connections behind your flat-screen TV or electric components, we have the answer. The Leviton Recessed Duplex Receptacle with QuickPort plate mounts flush to the wall with two AC outlets and the capacity for six QuickPort connections that are also recessed into the wall. The AC outlets are ideal for supplying power to your TV and cable or satellite receiver. QuickPort snap-in connectors (sold separately), are available for your audio and video connections. The package comes with a plastic electrical box; the receptacles fit inside the box and have a built-in wallplate for a flawless, flush-mount installation. Your connections will fit perfectly in this unobtrusive design that will let you centralize your connections and manage them from one location.

Snap-in connectors are designed to work with Keystone, QuickPort, and Modular style wallplates. These wallplates typically have from one to six inputs (ports) for snap-in connectors. Installing a snap-in wallplate allows you to make wiring connections and runs inside your wall. You can use various snap-in connectors to customize your snap-in wallplate with telephones, networking, audio/video (AV) components, speakers and other cable connections. Having a central connection point on the wall is a great way to add a professional finish to your installation and is a simple way to manage your in-wall wiring setup that provides quicker and easier terminations. Read More

One Unit Provides Variable Termination and Voltage Selection for Popular DC Plugs

Calrad 45-734 2 Amp Regulated 6-Way Multi-Voltage Power Supply




  • Rotary voltage output selector
  • Six detachable output tips
  • Color coded binding posts
  • ON/OFF switch



If you ever have a problem with lost, damaged or defective power supplies, the Calrad 45-734 2 Amp Regulated 6-Way Multi-Voltage Power Supply is your answer. It can provide Constant, accurate DC power to Portable electronic devices such as portable TVs, video games, radios, scanners and boom boxes and any number of other electronic components. Simply match up one of the tips to the tip you would typically use (six different plug tips are included) and plug the tip into the output cord; color coded binding posts make connections easy. Then use the rotary selector dial to switch the power supply to the correct output voltage (3-4.5-6-7.5-9-12V DC). This compact sized regulated power multi-voltage power supply is ideal for all devices drawing up to 2 amps of current.