Don’t Let Barking Dogs Keep You Up!

Don’t let your dog’s annoying barking disturb your neighbors or ruin your quiet time at home.

Super Bark Stop

Super Bark Stop is a humane and effective barking deterrent that won’t shock or hurt your dog. Super Bark Stop uses an ultrasonic tone that only dogs can hear. Dogs don’t like it and quickly learn that their barking triggers this negative response.

Super Bark Stop will work on any size or breed of dog, whether it’s your pet or your neighbor’s that’s barking incessantly. The Super Bark Stop is completely weatherproof, so it’s safe to place anywhere. Place the Super Bark Stop unit outdoors as close to the source of problem barking as possible, in direct line of sight of the dog; grass or plants can absorb the ultrasonic sound. Once in direct line of sight, the annoying dog won’t miss the Super Bark Stop’s response: Its 120dB output is loud enough to act as a true bark deterrent.

You can choose how loud the barking must be to activate the Super Bark Stop, which also has an adjustable bark number switch, which lets you determine how many barks in a 10-second period it takes to activate the unit, thus helping to eliminate false readings. Super Bark Stop features two different tone settings: ultrasonic (only dogs can hear it) or audible (humans can hear it too). Thanks to its internal directional sound output, no unsightly cone adorns the unit.

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