Complete Your Cat Genie Setup

CatGenie GenieDome and Genie SideWalls
To complete your automated, hands-off cat litter setup, top your Cat Genie with the GenieDome. Simple snap-on assembly will take less than five minutes but save you hours of litter clean up. The snowy white dome tops the pearl gray rim that securely nests on to the CatGenie Base. The top of the Dome is 19.5″ from the floor; with its Dome, the Cat Genie is not as tall as the back of the unit.

The CatGenie GenieDome gives cats who crave total privacy their wish. If you use the original CatGenie 60 Self-Cleaning Litter Box or the CatGenie 120 Self-Cleaning Litter Box, this dome top eliminates the scattered litter due to your cat’s scratching and kicking, completing the “hands-off” aspect of this wonderful product. Perfect also for those cats who will not use any litter box that is not covered, the GenieDome provides complete privacy for the finicky or shy pet. Dome includes SideWalls, which can also be used alone.


Average Customer Rating

4.5 Stars

5 Stars DINA — AUSTIN, TX    Date: 1/7/2011
Review: Life changing…in a good way!

5 Stars SUSAN — ORONO, ME    Date: 11/16/2010
Review: the entire cat genie 120 is an excellent system. brings the joy back to being a cat owner. the excellent thing about the dome and the sidewalls, is that they contain odor, protect the mechanism, keep granules in the pan, and provide privacy.

5 Stars DAVID — SAN FRANCISCO, CA    Date: 10/4/2010
Review: We love it. It took about a week for our cat to totally adopt it, though for three days she peed on the carpet in the bedroom (always in sight, so we knew she had no choice and was mortified to be put in such a situation) and she held the rest for another few days but we followed the guide and after that it was GREAT! For for another week she kept finding one of us to show us what a good girl she was and to watch it work with her. Gotta be honest about 2 things: 1. When the CatGenie empties into the toilet the volume of water is enough to flush the toilet EXCEPT for the last time, so that sits in the toilet and coats the sides unless you catch it quick. Once of those automatic toilet cleaners helps a lot. 2. The granules will get tracked EVERYWHERE as some reviews already noted. Our solution is a Roomba vacuuming robot.

3 Stars JENNIFER — FORT COLLINS, CO    Date: 6/7/2010
Review: good addition to the cat genie

4 Stars KENDALL — LAFAYETTE, LA    Date: 6/6/2010
Review: This is an amazing product! Make sure and get these additional add-ons. It really helps with keeping the granules in the cat genie.

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